L’Alcôve: finest meat of Paris

Do not look further, the finest meat restaurant in Paris has been identified!

Last Friday we returned to LAlcôve, which is located in the southern part of the 14th arrondissement. The owner, originally Algerian, is a former butcher and knows where to buy meat of the highest quality and how to age the meat to improve its tastiness.  The first time I tasted his meat I knew it has nothing to do with most other restaurants offer.

We shared mechouia (salad of rosted pepper and tomatoes) for the starter, which is the best mechouia I have ever had yet quite spicy. salad mechouiaDuring our previous visit my husband had ordered a veal steak. I tasted it, and it was the first time ever in my life when I truly loved veal. So, this time we both ordered a big chunk of veal, grilled over a real fire, and it was simply divine.  I absolutely loved my veal, and could only wish that the culinary experience never ends…. veal steakAlgerian red wine Cuvée du Président brought just enough pungency to our dinner, and we finished the bottle while having an enlightening discussion with the owner about the food culture in France and how things are evolving.

It was such a delightful night. My husband even joked and said afterwards that I am finally quite a simple woman: all I need is good food and wine to be happy!

LAlcôve: 46 Rue Didot, 75014 Paris, France ‎ +33-1-45459202. Metro: Plaisance and Pernety.

Review by Le Fooding: http://www.lefooding.com/restaurant/restaurant-l-alcove-paris.html


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