Mustard Obsession

I bought some really delicious mustard to accompany our Christmas meal last December, and ever since then I have been returning to La Grande Epicerie de Paris to buy some more.

La Grande Epicerie de Paris in the 7th arrondissement is my favorite high-end food store in Paris and maybe in the world. Whatever they sell, it is always the best of the best. Moreover, the packaging is so beautiful that graphic designers shop there not only for food but for ideas, too (and this was confirmed to me by a designer friend). In fact, La Grande Epicerie de Paris is like a dream to me: a dream of being able to buy all the groceries there, or even better, winning unlimited groceries for life!

But, let’s stay focused and talk about mustard!

This week I returned for my usual monthly stock up and came home with three mustard jars. I have tasted Boletus-Mushroom mustard before (I absolutely love it), and in addition I got two new flavors: Curry & Curcuma mustard and Truffle & Black Pepper mustard. Look at these beauties!mustard, Savor & sensI am sure I will be returning very soon to buy more –after all I have over a dozen flavors to taste, and to be precise, 16!! Exciting. There is nothing better than a Sunday poulet rôti (roast chicken), mashed potatoes and Savor&sens organic mustard…

La Grande Epicerie de Paris:

Savor&sens mustards:

Other delicious discoveries to be purchased at La Grande Epicerie de Paris: 

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