Neemrana Fort-Palace: Architectural Pearl

If you recall the India travel series I wrote earlier this year, you may remember that  is one of my favorite hotels in the world. If I renewed my wedding vows, I would probably do it at the Neemrana Fort-Palace hotel. Right in the middle of history, charm, elegance and Rajasthani hospitality!

During my last trip to India in April this year I had a chance to return to Neemrana Fort-Palace for one night. It was a wonderful visit and we were pleased to realize that in spite of the extension works (there are now two swimming pools and 65 rooms) the hotel still feels very intimate. Just look at these labyrinths, verandas, patios and towers all over the property!Neemrana Fort-PalaceNeemrana Fort-PalaceAt the time of our stay the hotel was occupied mainly by Indian families (most foreigners stop visiting Rajasthan by April as it gets too hot) so we had the upper pool to ourselves. In fact the original pool (at the lower level) can accommodate children, whereas the newer, upper pool, is reserved for adults. Neemrana Fort-PalaceNeemrana Fort-PalaceOnce the sun started to set, we descended to the lower levels of the hotel complex. The view toward the valley was spectacular, and with a little bit of imagination we could have imagined a camel (or elephant?) caravan travelling in the horizon.Neemrana Fort-PalaceNeemrana Fort-PalaceBefore heading to our lovely, comfortable beds in our Aman Vilas room we enjoyed an excellent buffet dinner with Indian Sula wine (red). It was my parents’ last night in India and I don’t think their stay could have ended in a more royal way.

Neemrana Fort-Palace, hope to see you soon again!


Should you want to read more about the Neemrana Fort-Palace history, go here: and

For a virtual visit of wonderfully decorated rooms, go here:

Lastly, for a memorable stay, reservations are made here:




15 thoughts on “Neemrana Fort-Palace: Architectural Pearl

      1. Miia Post author

        I think “good food” is probably my main criterion when choosing a travel destination. Something I learned in France –there is nothing worse than having a bad food culturel! It can destroy one’s holidays!! 😉


      2. The Lu Life

        Oh that’s so difficult to say! My favorite is walking through markets with small eats, and for that, I really enjoy Singapore and The Prague Christmas Market. For fine dining, Chicago, although I have yet to do so in France 🙂 but my all time favorite place to eat is in China, where every town has it’s own cuisine!


      3. Miia Post author

        I have heard a lot of good things about Chicago! A friend spent a month there recently and loved every meal he had… and he knows what he is talking about 😉 !

        Have you been to France at all? It has a lot regional cuisines too.

        I have not been to China, but I love Asian food in general. Well, a big fat generality, but I like Korean, Indian (LOVE IT), Laotian, Vietnamese, Chinese (that I know), Japanese.. awww I am hungry again 🙂


    1. Miia Post author

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

      What I love about India is that for the price of a French lunch I can get a night in a palace 🙂


      1. Neemrana Hotels

        Thank you for sharing this blog about Neemrana Fort-Palace. We are delighted to receive your continued patronage and look forward to welcoming you back soon !
        Warm Regards,
        Team Neemrana


      2. Miia Post author

        Namaste Team Neemrana,

        My pleasure! Hope to make it back to India soon. Miss it a lot!! Your gala buffet was really excellent and I would give anything to eat it tonight 🙂


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