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An iceberg named after my brother!

The coolest thing ever happened yesterday and I am sure you will agree with me! Continue reading to find out more!

An article of the Danish Meteorological Institute appeared on the Facebook page of my brother Tuomas with a comment “Not everybody has a giant iceberg drifting in Greenland named after him. Watch out, here comes the Iceberg Niskanen!!“.

While I was writing Tuomas to know more I was asking myself if the heat wave in Finland had melted his brain –after all his Facebook comment sounded rather absurd, didn’t it? But no, I soon learned that it was a true story. Tuomas responded to me to explain that his former colleagues had paid respect to him by naming an iceberg after him. As simple as that. During one of their research missions they found a new iceberg drifting in the ocean near Greenland, thought about my brother Tuomas, and called it after him. Isn’t this is the most cool thing ever??? 

When my brother Tuomas was sunbathing in Svalbard, little he knew that across the Greenland Sea there was an iceberg that was going to be named after him.

When my brother Tuomas was sunbathing in Svalbard, little did he know that across the Greenland Sea there was an iceberg that a few years later would be named after him.

I also learned that prior to spotting the Iceberg Niskanen off the coast of East Greenland, near Tasiilaq, the Danish Ice Service had been surveying it from July 12 to July 23. The Iceberg Niskanen had moved at the speed of 0.5 knots in the recent days and its speed was expected to increase the closer it gets to the southern tip of Greenland. Moreover, the Ice Service seemed pretty certain about the origin of the Iceberg Niskanen: Jøkelbugten in Northeast Greenland.

As this iceberg measures more than 2km times 4km (the size of the capital of Greenland!), I remain hopeful that it will resist the global warming, at least as long as it takes Tuomas to visit his namesake!

PS Coincidentally yesterday was also my brother’s birthday, so by this recognition he probably received the biggest birthday present anyone can ever get! Or can you think of anything bigger?

The Danish Meteorological Institute article: http://www.dmi.dk/nyheder/arkiv/nyheder-2014/07/nuuk-stort-isbjerg-passerer-tasiilaq/


One day after this post, Helsingin Sanomat, the main newspaper in Finland, published an article about my brother and the iceberg. It can be read here (in Finnish): http://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/Gr%C3%B6nlannista+irtautunut+j%C3%A4%C3%A4vuori+sai+nimekseen+Niskanen/a1407031200275

Weekend in Copenhagen

My last visit to Copenhagen was back in the 80’s and I only remember two things about that trip: Tivoli and the Little Mermaid. So, when I knew I would spend a long weekend in this Danish capital in the end of August, I was naturally curious. And what I found was a true cosmopolitan city: quirky, fashionable and grand yet minimalistic!Church in Copenhagen

These are my personal highlights of that weekend (in no particular order):

1. That famous Little Mermaid. We happened to be in Copenhagen when this landmark celebrated its 100th birthday. If you happen to be in Copenhagen on August 23, then find out what celebrations take place that day. We witnessed 100 human mermaids jump to the sea to swim near the statue. To see the video about this event, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX8xIsKgVz4the little mermaid

2. Boat cruising. Water is present everywhere in Copenhagen, and the city and the sea live in harmony. A good way to get an idea of this is to buy a one-hour ticket to metro, bus or train, which also includes hopping onto boats called Havnebus. I loved doing this and it is such an excellent way to get a glimpse of Copenhagen’s mentality! boat cruising in Copenhagen

I also loved the boat stops:boat cruising in Copenhagen

3. Architecture. Have you heard of Arne Jacobsen? How about Jørn Oberg Utzon, the name behind Sydney Opera House? They both come from Denmark and have paved the way for new Danish architects that keep emerging year after year. The list of buildings to see in Copenhagen is next to endless, but this gives you some idea: http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/architecture/top-10-architecture Danish architecture

The main elements of the Danish architecture (water, light, sustainability and space) were present wherever I looked, and personally I appreciated how the docks have been converted into restaurant, galleries, museums, art schools and architectural bureaus.the docks in Copenhagen

This lighthouse (?) is one of my favorite architectural masterpieces and it put such a smile on my face!lighthouse in Copenhagen

4. Design. The Nordic countries are known for their design and Denmark is no less important than its neighbors. It has produced its fair share of names that are recognized all over the world and the Danes are proud of this for a good reason. Danish Design Center

Design is everywhere you go, and it combines style,  minimalism and practicality. When walking, look around and you will see esthetic objects all over. design object

5. Food. To see what young chefs are capable of creating, make a dinner reservation at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl: Danish gourmet at its best  but make sure to arrive early to visit the romantic Frederiksberg Have park.  For lunch, head to the inside food market called Torvehallerne, which has a wide selection of highest-quality food shops and restaurants (http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/gastronomy/torvehallerne). Sushi Lovers, an award-winning Japanese  restaurant, as well as Palæo, Denmark’s first restaurant serving stone-age food, are located here. Torvehallerne, Paleo-restaurant

We opted for Hallernes Smørrebrød, because I really wanted to eat herrings. They have an excellent selection of delicious small rye breads with different toppings, but in order to benefit from the wide selection, arrive early! smørrebrød

Final words: some other “obvious things” one should do are walking along Nyhavn (and stop for a waffle at Vaffelbageren!), spending an evening at Tivoli, renting a bike, etc., but this is something every guide book will tell you. I hope that I managed to portray a slightly different image of Copenhagen and helped you to choose your next weekend-trip destination!

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Mielcke & Hurtigkarl: Danish gourmet at its best

A sunny, rather hot Saturday in August. It could have been like any other Scandinavian summer night when the sun never seems to set, except that it was not. It was special, because it was the wedding day of my brother.

The wedding dinner was organized at the Mielcke & Hurtigkarl restaurant, which is highly praised by critics from all over the world. For example, Condé Nast Traveller reckons this restaurant is one of the 25 reasons to visit Copenhagen. Others say Mielcke & Hurtigkarl has earned its place in the league of emerging creative and contemporary chefs of Denmark –a country whose food scene was until recently mainly known by Noma. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

As I am sure you can imagine, living in Paris can make one obnoxious about food. I confess that at times I fall into that category and therefore I admit my expectations were very high regarding the dinner. And now, please listen to me. For your next weekend trip, book tickets to Copenhagen and reserve a table at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. Yes, it is THAT outstanding, and the following photos will prove my statement.

Shrimp amuse-bouche: starter with shrimps

Cucumber amuse-bouche: cucumber amuse-bouche

The amuse-bouche were served with an excellent crémant from Bourgogne (France), which proved that a high-quality crémant can be as good as champagne (or even better!).

After the garden we moved inside and begun with the first starter: a terrine of hake, rolled in A.O. Nori seaweed and served with compressed cucumber, pea crumble, green vinaigrette, herb oil and pea sprouts, accompanied with Portuguese white Regueiro Alvarinho Minho from 2011.hake terrine

For the second starter we had a smoked mackerel with small new potatoes braised with summer truffle, radish and herbs from the garden, and wild garlic sauce. As each dish had its own wine, we were now served an excellent French white Saint Veran Bourgogne from 2011. _MKJ8548

For the main course we were spoiled by a braised veal breast rolled in fried onions
and ash, served with garlic-flavored celery fondant and red wine sauce of smoked marrow and cranberries. The accompanying red wine was Spanish Oliver Conti Catalunya from 1999. veal tenderloin

Instead of a traditional wedding cake we had a very creative and delicious yogurt sponge cake with cocoa crumble, fresh berries and berry preserve, which was served with French sweet wine Chartreuse de Coutet Sauternes (2007).Yogurt sponge cake,

I could not have imagined a more fantastic restaurant choice. Everything was simply perfect, beautiful and delicious. Just as the dream wedding dinner is supposed to be! If you have a chance, make a stop here the next time you are in Copenhagen:

Mielcke & Hurtigkarl:
Frederiksberg Runddel 1, 2000 Frederiksberg
Reservation: +45 3834 8436 or booking@mhcph.com

PS These wonderful photos were taken by the official wedding photographer Lina Ahnoff. Talking about talent! In addition she is a well-humored, kind woman who loves people and glimpses of life. Highly recommended! http://linaahnoff.com/

Wedding preparation part 2: dressing for the evening

I bought this petrol blue Azzaro dress for my own civil wedding in the 7th arrondissement of Paris nearly three years ago and now I will wear it for my brother’s civil wedding in Copenhagen. I did some adjustments to the dress today and apart from ironing that I will do upon arrival, it is ready to go! This is quite symbolic, because I will wear Jimmy Choo shoes with the dress, and those shoes I wore when I met my husband one Saturday night in Paris…. It is pleasant to wear clothes that bring happy memories!

Do you have any comments or suggestions for my “wedding look”? If you did not see it already, click here for the town hall dress Wedding preparation part 1: dressing for a civil weddingAzzaro dress

Wedding preparation part 1: dressing for a civil wedding

This weekend we will travel to Copenhagen for a wedding and it is time to dig into the wardrobe. I am thinking of wearing this outfit for the town hall. What do you reckon?

PS I know, the photo is not as good as it could be and the dress needs ironing… but apart from that, I like the look. And I love those Dior shoes (I bought them for my own wedding).Dior shoes

dressing for the civil wedding

Dress: Zara, Paris

Jacket: Theory, New York

Shoes: Dior, Paris