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Midnight swim


Summer house. Sauna with my Mom. Dipping into lake. Just after the sunset. Water 18 degrees, air around 10 degrees. Cold? A bit, yes, but feels rejuvenating.

Magic Finland, dear summer house. Until next summer!

Swim after sauna. Feels fantastic! Even when water is only 18 degrees.

Swim after sauna. Feels fantastic! Even when water is only 18 degrees.

The day the fish came out

A few days after my last post Still waiting for fish the fog appeared. One morning the lake was so misty that we could not see the islands in front of us (less than one kilometer away). As every morning, my Dad left for the cast nets and the much-awaited fish was finally there. During a period of about two weeks we caught a lot of fish: pike, pike perch, white fish and bream.

Pike is a freshwater fish commonly found in Finland.

Pike is a freshwater fish commonly found in Finland.

Not all fish is equal. Pike we usually give away to a local family who gives us potatoes and milk in exchange. Pike perch we consider like gold (it can cost nearly 40€ per kilo at super market) so we keep it. White fish is another precious fish, and we keep it too. However, bream is not something we often eat, so we normally give it away either to a Russian friend who loves bream, or to our neighbors who give us mushrooms in exchange. The cast nets sometimes give us roach but that is for cats…

Breams before being given away.

Breams and roaches before being given away.

Life continues to be sweet at the summer house. And it doesn’t hurt to go back to basics: the barter economy!

Sunset at Finnish Lake

So, I am in Finland!! At the summer house by a beautiful lake, and it is hot and sunny!

My parents came to meet me at Tampere airport yesterday afternoon, and after a few stops we started driving toward the summer house. It was a nice ride, green and hilly, but the closer we got to our region, the flatter it got (our region is famous for that).

Last seven kilometers of the road follows the lake where the summer house is located. By the time we reached this point of the road trip, it was about 11 o’clock at night, and then sun was about to set. We stopped several times along that seven-kilometer stretch, and these are the photos I took:Finnish lake sunset

Finnish lake sunset

Finnish lake sunset

Finnish lake sunsetI love these photos and the view, and hope you like too (btw, there isn’t any Photoshopping here).

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