Still waiting for fish

While the rest of the European continent has been basking in very hot temperatures, Finland has experienced very cold weather. Some weeks ago the summer 2015 was the coldest summer since 1987, but according to the latest statistics we are now talking about the coldest summer since the sixties… and the summer is not over yet!

Getting ready to throw cast nets into the lake

Getting ready to throw cast nets into the lake.

Gone fishing

Gone fishing.

To us staying at the summer house this has meant practically no fish. One week ago on Saturday my father was advised by a local fisherman that now may be time to start cast net fishing. According to the fisherman the wind was changing and should result in better catches. So, off my father went to drop the nets into the lake, but one week later we are still waiting for the big catch. The weather has been very strange and fish are definitely acting weirdly too. Fishing at midnight is only a beautiful memory. No fresh fish at our dining table this summer.

7 thoughts on “Still waiting for fish

  1. Sartenada

    Cool post. Thank you. There has been only few sunny days during last weeks here where I live. I feel very sad for those who has vacation and wait for sunny warm days. However, there is yet hope.

    Have a great start of new week!

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    1. Miia Post author

      Apologies for responding so late!! I am about to travel to Helsinki today and Paris on Tuesday. The weather has been fantastic this week and the forecast is even better for tomorrow and Tuesday. I went by the Vimpeli church several times this summer and I thought about you. I hope you have had a happy summer. Talk soon. Best, Miia

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  3. Sartenada

    Hi Miia.

    Thank You. Yes, it has been great time now. Many times August is one of the best month when considering about the weather. It is important that You have had great time!!!

    All the best to You and Your family.

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