Sunset at Finnish Lake

So, I am in Finland!! At the summer house by a beautiful lake, and it is hot and sunny!

My parents came to meet me at Tampere airport yesterday afternoon, and after a few stops we started driving toward the summer house. It was a nice ride, green and hilly, but the closer we got to our region, the flatter it got (our region is famous for that).

Last seven kilometers of the road follows the lake where the summer house is located. By the time we reached this point of the road trip, it was about 11 o’clock at night, and then sun was about to set. We stopped several times along that seven-kilometer stretch, and these are the photos I took:Finnish lake sunset

Finnish lake sunset

Finnish lake sunset

Finnish lake sunsetI love these photos and the view, and hope you like too (btw, there isn’t any Photoshopping here).

PS Pearlspotting is now on Instagram, too. Let’s make a deal: follow me and I will follow you!

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