Finnish Summer House, 9 o’clock in the evening

The weather has been absolutely wonderful in the western part of Finland this week. Very warm (up to 30C!) and sunny, and almost no wind. Moreover, to my delight, the lake water measured 20C upon my arrival on Monday night. This is what I call a perfect Finnish summer holiday!

The sun sets after 11 p.m. at this time of the year, which means that the evenings are long and full of light. In these photos you can see what our summer house beach looked like tonight. I know I am subjective, but isn’t this just beautiful???!! It is quite rare to see the lake so calm.Finnish summer houseWhen we heat up the ordinary, “every day” sauna, we use this beach to go swimming. On the left we have an old, wooden boat garage.

This next photo is the view to the right; the side where the traditional smoke sauna is located. There is another access to the lake over that side. This is also where the willows (and the pikes!) are. For the first time this summer we installed a table and chairs on the grass –why not to have lunch under the sun! Finnish summer houseAt the time of writing this post it is 22 p.m. and the sun is still shining… I have been busy heating up the sauna and soon I will swim in the lake (on the left).

Which side of the shore would you prefer?

PS Pearlspotting is (finally!) on Instagram and I am posting many photos per day from the summer house.

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