What does Finnish barbeque look like?

On our first night in Helsinki, we were invited to eat barbeque with my brother and his girlfriend. They had made the groceries, so all we needed to do was to go outside, set the fire and start waiting for food to be ready!barbeque: tomatoes, chicken, sausagesThey started grilling sausages, chicken and tomatoes (we had prepared an olive oil, garlic and herbes de Provence dip for the tomatoes). garlic, herbs and olive oil dip for tomatoesTomatoes turned out delicious, and so did the chicken! It was one of the best chicken I have ever eaten (the best grilled chicken in this world is served at Le Tyrolien in Algiers…).

The next set of food to be grilled included halloumi cheese and blue cheese-stuffed mushroom. My husband’s favorite. Very tasty and so easy to make.  halloumi and blue cheese mushroomFinally, there was only a slice of salmon left. It was rather easy and fast to grill it without the usual aluminum foil. Don’t you just love the presentation of salmon on sausages…?salmon and sausagesFor dessert we had grilled, sliced pineapple with cardamom-flavored whipped cream. Yummy!

PS In case you wonder where these cute, colorful plates come from, they are Finnish made and designed by Iittala (www.iittala.com). The plates come in many colors (unfortunately no longer in brown) and can be found here: https://www.iittala.com/Tableware/Plates-and-bowls/c/Plates%20and%20bowls?q=%3Aname-asc%3Atype%3APlates+and+bowls%3Aseries%3ATeema

4 thoughts on “What does Finnish barbeque look like?

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  3. Nadine Young

    Looks delicious!! I had those sausages when I was in Finland and they were soooo good. Do they have a particular name? I would like to try and find them in the UK, thanks!

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    1. Miia Post author

      Hi Nadine, so sorry for my belated response but my 1 year old daughter is keeping me very busy…

      The big ones are called MAKKARA. The smaller ones are NAKKI, but I bet you had makkara.I don’t eat pork so my makkara-days are over but prepared on fire and eaten with mustard they are good 🙂

      I wonder if and where you could find them in the UK?



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