The Wind in the Willows (kaislikossa suhisee)

Do you have a sound that you love? I do have, and it comes from rowing a boat among the reeds. the reeds in a lakeAs far as my knowledge goes, we have two types of reeds in the lake where our summer house is located. They grow in a small bay near to us, and this bay is also a hiding place for pikes. They seem to like shallow water.reeds in the lake During my last visit to the summer house, there was one day when the temperature climbed to 25C. I took our rowing boat with my husband and we headed to the reeds for a “water safari”. We did not see any pikes, but it was nice anyway. rowing among the reedsI have tried to illustrate the rowing in the reeds experience by sharing these photos, and if you are intrigued, like my new “Pearlspotting” page on Facebook and you can access a short video to hear the sound that I love.

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