Le Tipaza: refined Moroccan food

Le Tipaza is located in the northern part of the 15th arrondissement, not far away from the Eiffel Tour and UNESCO. We used to go this Moorish restaurant a lot in the past and were always very pleased with food and service. And yesterday was not an exception! Le TipazaLe Tipaza serves classic North African specialties (couscous and tajine) and some French dishes. My husband always chooses couscous and I take tajine (which is gluten free because it comes without the semolina). The wines come from Algeria, Morocco and France. Le Tipaza, couscousMy husband’s couscous royal came with a large bowl of hearty vegetable stew, a plate of mixed grilled meats, small bowls of raisin and chic peas, and semolina of course. He absolutely loved the stew, beef and chicken. The rest (merquez and lamb) he found tasty, too, but a bit dry. Anyhow, it was an excellent couscous. grilled meat plate, Moroccan foodI usually have tajine with lamb but changed my mind and ordered chicken. The tajine I chose came with preserved lemons, onions and olives. Some potatoes were included in the dish, too. It was delicious!! Such a delight!  tajine with lemons, onions, olivesWe drunk Château Mansourah, Côteaux de Tlemcen (Algeria) and it was a perfect choice: aromatic, slightly maderized red wine made of grapes that grew under that strong African sun. On previous occasions when drinking North African wines we have noticed that they make us really tired –maybe it is the sun effect? Yesterday again we felt the same and in the end of the meal we could have fallen asleep right way. The dinner was very enjoyable and we were happy customers, but indeed the only thing we could have wanted more was a magic carpet to fly us home over Paris!

Lastly, the bill was 51€ for a couscous, a tajine and a bottle of wine. Excellent price-quality ratio!

Le Tipaza: 150 Avenue Emile Zola, 75015 Paris. Tel: 01 45 79 22 25. Metro: Avenue Emile Zola.


Previous posts about eating North African food in Paris are:

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10 thoughts on “Le Tipaza: refined Moroccan food

  1. Smain A.

    I work few steps from there! And I’ve tried this one because the outside is not so attracting. I like the interior and we will definitely suggest this place when my colleagues will be craving for couscous.
    Our favorite place nearby so far is: Les saveurs du Maroc. They have a really nice meat selection (daily from the butcher, no freezing).


      1. Smain A.

        Oh, my mistake, I haven’t tried this one i meant!
        I checked it seams to be not owned by the same person.

        I don’t know the others place you mentioned. I am also curious about L’Alcôve because you said they have really good meat 🙂
        But I am rarely going to that area..


      2. Miia Post author

        So you know the other Le Tipaza? I have walked by several times but somehow it looks a bit too “mignon” or something…

        The one we go to is right next to the metro Emile Zola and I think it is quite old-school in terms of service, food, deco (and I mean this in a good sense!!).

        L’Alcove is excellent. It is the best meat I have had in Paris, really. Try the veal. He is a former butcher and knows the meat… I know it is a bit out of the way but worth the visit!!!


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