Healthy, gluten-free Kerala style breakfast

I have never seen a country where a simple breakfast varies as much as it does in India. Generally speaking North Indian breakfast that tourists most commonly come across with is about masala omelette or puri (bread made of wheat) served with curry stew, whereas South Indian breakfast is more about eating things cooked with rice flower and coconut.

I have now had two breakfasts at Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort and it has been a great pleasure to sample typical Kerala delicacies while watching the enormous Indian Ocean in front of me. Yesterday I had herbal tea, banana lassi and coffee as drinks. To eat I had curry leaf idly (the round thing in the photo) with sambar, rice puttu (rice flour dough layered with grated coconut) with kadala curry and sweet rice ada (Kerala delicacy cooked in banana leaf).Kerala breakfastThis morning there were some variations so I had green pea curry, tattu dosa (again, made of rice flour) with sambar and chutneys, and steamed banana. Rice ada was the same as yesterday.Kerala breakfastI am neither a big wheat eater nor a great fan of eggs, so I am very happy eating idlies and dosas for breakfast. In fact I like South Indian breakfast so much that I could eat them for breakfast even in Paris –all I would need is a live in South Indian cook!

Note: As Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort welcomes guests that are serious about feeling better by eating well and by following special treatments, there are specific diets available for all sorts of people and illnesses. For example, when I told my Ayurveda doctor during the initial consultation that I don’t stand wheat and eggs very well he directed me towards a gluten-free diet (he printed out a list of items that are good for me to eat!). 

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort:

12 thoughts on “Healthy, gluten-free Kerala style breakfast

      1. SalvaVenia

        Thanks for asking; may be I still wasn’t fully awakend when I posted earlier today … 😀

        Chapati,m of course, is the name of the game.

        Bratha is similar to a chabati with ghee kneeded inside; muli means radish. For muli-bratha you’d need the radish grated and boiled (salt, pepper plus some butter according to your liking). After that you put that radish between two brathas and bake it in the fry pan with very little butter and from both sides, of course.

        Eat two, and you won’t need anything more during the day … 😀


      2. Miia Post author

        Radish as vegetable which is red outside and white inside?

        Muli-bratha sounds delicious! In which part of India could I find It? Maybe I Can ask our Indian friends in Bombay.

        Btw, a stupid question: why Is ghee So Much better than normal butter?! Even one of my ayurvéda medicines Is bases on ghee..


      1. Miia Post author

        You are probably right.
        Just This morning my husband said That he feels ayurvéda massage and treatments are making the body muscled and toned!
        Let’s see the result in Paris 🙂


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