My chili con carne

“If It’s Chili, It’s Personal” runs the title of a recent article by The New York Times. And this is exactly what I was thinking last Thursday when I was home alone, preparing Chili con carne at 10 pm. Make it personal, use your imagination.

My chili con carne:

1. Saute two large sliced onions until they get nice brown color. Add garlic, cumin-coriander powder, Indian chili powder, lots of dried marjoram, paprika powder and Jamaica pepper (also called “allspice”). Add minced beef meat (about 600g). Keep stirring.

2. Add slices of raw carrot (I used two medium-size carrots).

3. Add slices of celery (I used an entire celery stalk, about 20cm, not forgetting the leaves).

4. Add 2dl of tomato purée.

5. Add about 2dl of Slow-roasted cherry tomatoes.

6. Add two large cans of red beans and one can of white beans. chili con carne7. If you are in a hurry, the meal is ready. If you can wait, let it simmer for 30 more minutes. Add salt to your taste, if necessary.

8. I added one glass of Cahors red wine in the end.

Lastly, serve hot with crème fraîche.

And as a meal like this would not be complete without a glass of wine, I had some very lovely red Bordeaux 2006 from Château Thieuley. Recommended in the 10€+ category!Chateau Thieuley

The NY Times article:

The wine:

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