Gardening is fun!

One of my favorite shops in the heart of Marais is Fleux, a fashionable concept store that sells super cute, stylish and original objects. The atmosphere is nice and always puts me in a good mood, and today was not an exception.Fleux concept design store in ParisWe were looking for gardening tools and could not believe our eyes. So much variety and look at these colors! Almost like in India or in the Caribbean islands… Simply lovely. Fleux surely knows how to motivate people to take care of their garden.gardening toolsThe watering can we wanted to buy was sold out in the smaller size (six liters) but I am not surprised. Wouldn’t you want to have one of these beauties in your garden or balcony?Fleux Concept Store, ParisWe will have to return in two weeks’ time but that is ok –it is at that frequency we visit Fleux anyways!


To learn more about this wonderful store (in fact there are three stores in the same street), read my previous post Colorful, happy decoration ideas and then visit the store here:

39 & 52 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 PARIS (Metro Hôtel de Ville)
Telephone: 01-42782720, 01-42777385, 01-42745182, 01-42746554.
Open on Sundays!

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