Da Vito: Cool and Affordable Pizzeria

Since its opening in summer 2013, we have visited Da Vito several times. Their pizzas have a very unique taste that we would recognize even eyes closed (quoting my husband), prices are very affordable (pizza prices start at 10€) and the decoration is cosy and cool (I love the floor tiles!). In addition, there are big windows that stay wide open during the summer, some tables are available outside, and two large doors next to the cashier lead to a secret bar… Da Vito, ParisWe have always been welcomed very well and the service has been efficient and friendly. I don’t think we have ever reserved in advance, but one should –there is always a line! In case you decide to arrive without a prior phone call, you can always have a drink at the bar. Da Vito, ParisLast night we had our usual choice, Vegetariana, and a new discovery, Napolitaine. We loved both pizzas. Da Vito’s tomato sauce is simply from heaven, the quality of mozzarella is excellent, and grilled vegetables are some of the best I have ever had. Pizzas are quite minimalist but when top-notch ingredients are used, this is just fine!

We chose to drink Italian wine from Veneto region (14€ a bottle!!) and highly appreciated this well-balanced and elegant rosé we have had before.

Da Vito restaurant and Moonshiner bar: 5 rue Sedaine, Paris 75011. Metro Bastille and Bréguet-Sabin. Tel: 09-50731299
Le Fooding review: http://lefooding.com/en/restaurants/restaurant-da-vito-moonshiner-paris
Pinot Grigio Ramato, Il Barco wine: http://www.ewwines.co.uk/italy-rose-pinot-grigio-ramato-il-barco.html


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21 thoughts on “Da Vito: Cool and Affordable Pizzeria

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  3. Vasilis Meschinis

    These pizzas look absolutely delicious! Hyvä tietää, mistä saa maukasta pizzaa Pariisissa. 🙂 Our family is 100% vegetarian, and although we love France, finding good vegetarian food has been a little bit “haastavaa”! 🙂


    1. Miia Post author

      One of my friends visited Da Vito on Sat and she loved it too.

      I think Paris has gotten better regarding vegetarian food (every restaurant has at least one vegetarian dish) but there are still “funny” surprises. E.g. I don’t eat pork, and how many times I have received my goat cheese salad or even grilled fish with pieces of ham on it!

      This said, once again, India is the paradise 🙂 I think you would love Kerala. The food is amazing. Very different from the north India, but as good.


  4. Vasilis Meschinis

    You are absolutely right! India is a vegetarian’s paradise! Last time we visited Delhi, we had dinner at a southern indian restaurant. What an experience! It was like an explosion of flavors, colors and aromas. I wonder really, can vegetarian food get any better than this? 🙂


    1. Miia Post author

      No it cannot 🙂 !!

      I am now convinced that you should organize a trip to Kerala. Let me know when and I help with places 😉

      I honestly don’t know how they do it (the dishes) but Sth Indian vegetarian food has nothing to do with most “European-style” vegetarian food that has traditionally been very bland… Talking about sophistication!

      Oh,funnily (but not a surprise) my iron level increased a lot in India, and the same happened to my Mom. All those lentils, beans and peas.

      Is there a good vegetarian restaurant in Helsinki? Do you eat fish?


      1. Vasilis Meschinis

        Thank you so much! I would really appreciate any advice you could give me on Kerala. We were thinking, it could be a good idea to go there next winter. Let’s see how things turn out. 🙂
        I don’t go out to eat very often in Helsinki, because I think it is preposterous to pay 20 euros for a blunt beetroot risotto, and 40 euros for a bottle of wine to go with. I prefer preparing vegetarian food myself, mostly Italian and Greek. The family is at least happy with my cooking skills so far, so I try not to disappoint them. 🙂
        When we do go out to eat, we usually head to Putte’s Pizza & Bar (highly recommended) or to Himalaya on Ratakatu, which is pretty close to where we live. It is OK, nothing to write home about though…
        I have written a small guide on vegan & vegetarian restaurants in Helsinki for Stay.com. Maybe you would like to check it out:
        Yes, I do eat fish and seafood in general. Not a big fan, but I would never say no to a fish tikka!!! 🙂


      2. Miia Post author

        Ok, let me know if and when you need tips for Kerala!

        Yeah, I hear you… It is a pity that eating-out prices are so expensive in Helsinki. For a standard ok meal in Helsinki we pay the same as we would pay for a Michelin-recommended meal in Paris. So, it hurts!!

        But maybe Helsinki resto scene is changing a bit? I recently read about some resto (was it Grotesk?) making a deliberate decision to bring wine prices down.

        Yes, Putte’s is good!! Himalaya I went to a long time ago. I like Samrat for Indian (near Vespa). Good lunch deals.

        Thanks for the link, will check it out now!


    1. Miia Post author

      To look yes, but I am not a cocktail person, so haven’t stayed. Have you?

      It feels a bit like Experimental Cocktail Club.


      1. Miia Post author

        To do the pizzeria or the bar?

        What is your top ten, or even top five (new places)?

        Mine: M. Celeste, Clown Bar, return to Pierre Sang, maybe Pamela Popo, Au Passage, and that place called Mange in the 12th (I cannot find it on Internet but I am sure it has Mange in the name)…
        Well, 6 places!


      2. Smaïn A.

        For the pizza and the bar. Not sure.

        My top 5 actually?
        – Tempero (still!)
        – Café Figue
        – Pony Polo
        – Le gavroche (an old classic)
        – Le casse-noix!

        Anyone you know ?


      3. Miia Post author

        Le Gavroche, hahaha, yes know very well but have not been for ages! It is fun. Old Paris.

        Le casse-noix, yes, know too, but we were a bit disappointed. If I remember correctly, the food was good, but a bit over-priced we felt. This was maybe 2 yrs ago.

        Tempero, I know the name, but why… je ne sais pas!

        Cafe Figue. never heard

        Pony Polo: looks interesting. Should try! Btw, did you ever go to l’Alcove? It is still the best meat I have had in Paris.

        Oh, talking about Argentinian restos, have you ever been to Anahi in Rue Volta? I used to go there a lot ten years ago and would like to return.


      4. Miia Post author

        PS have you ever had Feijoada there? But I guess I’d go on Thu or Fri evening, so…

        Thanks for this tip, will try!


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