Sunday Market

Surely every tourist already knows this, but when you visit Paris (or any other French town), do not miss a food market! I go to the Bastille Market every Sunday and love it. For less than 10€ we buy seasonal fruits and vegetables that last entire week. The Bastille MarketNot only the Bastille market is very affordable, but the atmosphere is particular, too. Vendors shout at each other (and you) and everyone is from somewhere. A true melting pot of French regions. Fish comes from Brittany, cheese from Normandy, snails from Burgundy, beef from Limousin, etc. The Bastille MarketEven if we have our usual suppliers, every Sunday we meet new ones. Like this kind fishmonger from Brittany who took time to chat with us.Fishmonger from BrittanyAs you can see, visiting a market is fascinating, but it is also très sympa to walk home with several kilos of tomatoes, melons, onions, mint, lemons, carrots and salad. Not forgetting a bottle of Côtes de Provence rosé to celebrate the beginning of the summer! coming home from the Bastille MarketBon appetit everyone! It is 6 o’clock and I will have Greek for a late lunch. 




13 thoughts on “Sunday Market

      1. Miia Post author

        I don’t know what time they officially close… During some Sundays everyone is still there at 14h, whereas other Sundays they start leaving.

        Ok, to be precise, 13h30 is better than 14h.

        Some ppl like going to the market in the morning but I like it before the closing when it seems to have a special atmosphere!


      2. Miia Post author

        Ok! The weather looks fine too (so far!) 🙂
        We may have someone coming for late lunch so may be a very brief visit to the market but let’s see.


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