Purpose of Varanasi

I think that I understand why millions of Hindus come to Varanasi.

I also understand the curiosity of tourists.

But why I am here? Why did I have to come here now? Why do I keep returning to the burning ghats? Is the Ganges beautiful or simply filthy? Is Varanasi as big as Mark Twain said? What is Varanasi?VaranasiAll I know is that it is no longer about the purpose of my life but about the raison dêtre of Varanasi.

3 thoughts on “Purpose of Varanasi

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  2. Borgel Martine

    what kind of job have you really?
    do you travel alone or are you a guide ?
    or do you write a bok of better places for v isiting in the world?
    Or do you look after the better restaurants in the world
    you love to eat like a french girl
    martine i am living in Montpellier ,South of France


    1. Miia Post author

      Bonjour Martine! Thanks for visiting my blog.

      I usually travel with my husband and we organize everything by ourselves. I like writing about food and restaurants –my passion! After all I am married to a Frenchman 😉

      I have worked a little bit of everywhere in the world (my specialty is the emerging markets and economic development there).

      Have a great summer in Montpellier, which is the first French city I visited back in 1989… 🙂 A beautiful place and region.

      Best, Miia



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