What to pack for Bretagne (Brittany)?

Tomorrow morning we leave at 8am for Cancale, which is a famous oyster-farming village in Bretagne. The drive will take just over four hours from Paris and passes by the spectacular Mont Saint-Michel.  After Mont Saint-Michel, it will be another 50 minutes to reach Cancale.

I have not been to Cancale since November last year and it is about the time! Upon arrival, we will have lunch at the restaurant Au Pied de Cheval. Lunch that consists of oysters and bulots (a type of sea snail you eat with mayonnaise). After the lunch we will walk on the beautiful beach until it is the time to have some more oysters! Oysters and more oysters, this is Cancale.  The reputation of the Cancale oysters goes back to the Roman times. This is how good they are. Oysters and Cancale, serious business.

The departure is early, so I need to start packing. This photo summarizes well a trip to Bretagne: one should prepare for some rain, bring maps as there are many exciting, historical sites, but most importantly, one should bring a special knife to open oysters and a special glove to protect the hands from being cut. If you pack these things, your trip to Bretagne will be successful! what to pack for a holiday in Bretagne (Brittany)

4 thoughts on “What to pack for Bretagne (Brittany)?

  1. Françoise

    Et ben moi, j’en reviens tout juste de la Bretagne … et j’ai mangé des araignées pêchées du matin et du poisson tout frais !!!! Bon week end à vous deux.


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