Crazy winter!

This past winter has been very mild in many European countries. So far, it has been one of the three warmest winters in France since 1900. Surprisingly, but to everyone’s delight, the temperature climbed to 22C in Paris last Sunday! Although I like spring as most of the people do, I feel slightly sad that I didn’t experience really cold weather this year.

In Finland, my country of origin, it hasn’t been much better. Lapland has snow but Helsinki is ready to welcome spring. In the region where our summer house is located, It still looks very much like winter but the reality is quite different. The ice on the lake is only 35 cm thick compared to what it could be: 100 cm 35 years ago, usually 60-70 cm. This is what the lake looked like few days ago (photo credit: my father):Finnish lake in winterMaybe with the climate change we will now have more of these Caribbean sunsets at least?

PS To compare this winter image to a summer photo, see Our beautiful lake has turned into a monster! Yes, it is the same lake. Same islands. Spectacular, isn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Crazy winter!

  1. backpackbee

    All jokes aside this has been the mildest winter here in Korea as well. I too am a Spring person, but I do still enjoy my winters where there is a lot of snow. The states east coast took it all away from us this year, wouldn’t you agree?


    1. Miia Post author

      Thanks, I will tell my father 😉
      Under the tag Finland, you have about ten posts related to the summer house (in the central part of Finland).



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