Sicilian Caponata: a perfect autumn dish

When I was jogging along the Seine tonight it felt a little bit like autumn for the first time. I returned home, walked into the kitchen, watched the eggplants I had purchased at the Bastille Market yesterday, and wondered what to cook. I then took a look at Facebook and a friend’s post: Sicilian aubergine stew recipe called caponata. I had almost all ingredients at home (I replaced the parsley by basil leaves, and green olives by black olives) and the result was delicious! We ate the caponata with some slices of mozzarella, and the dinner was perfect! Only wine was missing…CaponataSo, instead of continuing to make my usual cut-in-two, grilled in oven eggplants, I think I will be inventing variations of caponata in this long autumn that is about to begin. Not only that, but I think our dilemma where to take next holidays was just answered…. A place in this world that mixes eggplants, capers, almonds and vinegar must be visited!

PS If you are wondering about the bowl, it is Finnish design by Marimekko and can be found here:


11 thoughts on “Sicilian Caponata: a perfect autumn dish

    1. Miia Post author

      Hello The Open Suitcase! Thank you for sharing the recipe. I like the lemon twist your recipe has (I hesitated adding fresh lemon juice or chunks yesterday!) so will definitely try it asap. Have a great end of the summer and I hope to have you back visiting my blog soon!


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      1. Mari

        We have an eclectic mix Iittala/Arabia/Marimekko stuff in the kitchen, but it’s really not coordinated in any way; I like to have one bowl from here and the other from there, combined with non-Finnish things. I do own quite many moomin mugs though:-)!


      2. Mari

        That’s a great idea! Let me know what you have in mind. I’m a big fan of Finnish aesthetics in general, although I have to admit our apartment is a happy mix of bit of everything 🙂 Marimekko and Artek are probably my favourites.


      3. Miia Post author

        Good morning! I have a few themes in my mind but I don’t have time to execute the ideas right now. I will let you know in a month or so, ok? PS are you on Facebook?


      4. Mari

        Evening 🙂 September seems to always be a busy time.
        No, I’m not on Facebook (I didn’t use my account for a few years are fb closed it! Ha ha! I have been a bit lazy reactivating it). I’m on twitter (@mjferzli) and LinkedIn though if you need to reach me.
        Have great rest of your day Miia!


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