Back to Asia


This photo has a special meaning to me as I took it almost exactly one year and one month ago. We had just finished our third trip to India: a one-month-long tour in the South-East of India. The big, round and reddish Indian sun had woken us up and was looking at us above the Bay of Bombay (I always use the old name Bombay instead of Mumbai). It was very sad. Most people are always excited to return home after extensive traveling but I could have continued exploring India. Many people think it is very chaotic over there but I see the calm in people. This photo was taken a few minutes into the take-off from Chatrapati Shivaji Airport.

I am returning to Asia on Friday. Well, technically we leave Paris on Friday night and arrive in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday night –just in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations! After two nights in Kuala Lumpur we will go to Cambodia and Laos. We may and will try to add some beach time in Thailand in the end, but let’s see. Very few reservations are made: we are free birds. I will try to update the blog whenever I can, but if I disappear, you know it is because of a weak connection or simply that I am too busy tasting all those exotic dishes or that I got lost in the temples of Angkor. A bientôt!

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