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Have you tasted Serbian Chardonnay?

Very rarely I drink anything but French wine in France. Not because I don’t like wines from other countries, but simply because there are so many wine regions to discover in France. This said, every now and then my curiosity wins, and I go and buy Georgian red or Indian rosé. And sometimes it happens that we receive guests from exotic countries, who bring us a bottle from their favorite vineyard…

Last night we had friends over for an apéritif, and they offered us a bottle of Serbian white wine. We opened this nicely chilled bottle of Kovačević Chardonnay and served everyone. Wow. The first impression really is important! A well-balanced taste. Rounded. Fruity but elegant. Nice color. Wine that meets international standard in all possible ways. The winery’s website suggests to accompany this wine with “sea and river fish with a generous toppings, various light meat and hard and semi-hard cheese”, but we enjoyed it with olives, charcuterie and roasted almonds. Worked out perfectly.Kovacevic Chardonnay from SerbiaWe truly enjoyed the bottle, and made a note to remember to watch out for Serbian wine until we actually manage to make a visit to the country. Thank you S & D for this fantastic moment!

FYI: Serbia’s viticulture is “as old as the world”, and it was particularly strong during the Roman period. So strong, that Serbia (technically former Yugoslavia) was one of the world’s top ten wine producers. Unfortunately, the breakup of Yugoslavia affected the wine making, and it has taken a while for the sector to bounce back. Today, however, Serbian wine can be found in international wine fairs, and a handful of French wine makers have moved there to cultivate the grapes… Tells you something about the potential!

Wine we drunk: http://www.vinarijakovacevic.co.rs/chardonnay.html

Vineyard: http://www.vinarijakovacevic.co.rs/about_us.html