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Pampered in Bombay

Friday afternoon we flew SpiceJet from Trivandrum to Bombay, so it hasn’t even been 48 hours in this charming city and already we have done so much!BombayStraight from the airport, still carrying sand from the Indian Ocean in our shoes, we were taken to meet an art collector. Afterwards we were treated to amazing homemade parsi food (google parsis if you have never heard about them!). On Saturday we went on a shopping spree: Anokhi and FabIndia, and afterwards tasted super delicious Gujarati thali at Golden Star. In the evening drinks at one of the most exclusive private clubs of Bombay and a fabulous, mouthwatering kebab dinner at Neel, enjoyed with excellent Indian sparkling rosé Chandon and most perfect company… I don’t think even Louis Vuitton City Guide could do better!!

Let’s see what today brings to us! 

GOLDEN START THALI: http://www.goldenstarthali.com/
NEEL AT TOTE ON THE TURF: http://travel.cnn.com/mumbai/eat/neel-tote
CHANDON: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5HOEXFNpyU (launched by Moët Hennessy)
ANOKHI: http://www.anokhi.com/
FABINDIA: http://www.fabindia.com/


Glimpses of spring fashion in Paris

Last Saturday was really sunny and warm, and we decided to walk along the famous high-end fashion streets of Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and Rue Saint Honoré. My idea was to find something for myself–after all it was the International Women’s Day– but I ended up walking home empty-handed. At least almost. I did get lots of ideas about this spring’s trends and at least in Paris, it is looking playful. Every fashion house seems to have something made of animal prints (zebra is back) and shades of rose, lavender and turquoise. I think it will be a cheerful, happy spring!

1. Burberry: BurberryAre you attending a wedding this summer? Need an engagement dress? This dress will turn heads but allows you to remain elegant. What an edgy detail that pink strap! http://fr.burberry.com/robe-bustier-en-dentelle-de-coton-p45114111

2. René Caovilla:Rene CaovillaFrom left to right: pink for Miami, yellow for St Tropez, blue for Portofino. Overly mignon! http://www.renecaovilla.com

3.Escada: EscadaI absolutely love this outfit. I would wear it at conferences, meetings and airplanes. Love, love. http://fr.escada.com/look/escada-spring-summer-2014/escada-spring-summer-2014/LOOK_877

4. Dsquared2:Dsquared2I am a big believer of wearing what pleases you as opposed to what the norms of the society and other people tell you. Moreover, I don’t think one’s wardrobe should be a reflection of one’s age. So, yes, I would wear these shorts! At least at home (smile). http://www.dsquared2.com/

Have you made observations about the latest collections? How does the fashion look like in wherever you live? Let Pearlspotting know please!

Waking up to a beautiful day

Such a sunny morning. The Magritte-blue sky. Freshly squeezed lemon juice with hot water, Greek yogurt with dried figs. Coffee with rice milk. Feels like spring. I need to wipe the dust off my Thierry Lasry sunglasses. wake-up view in ParisToday I am seeing a friend and we will play chic: La Grande Épicerie, Le Bon Marché, Saint-Germain-des-Prés and a lunch somewhere. Maybe at La Palette?

Bonne journée everyone!

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Catching the winter sunlight

Beautiful February sunlight in Paris! winter sunlight


Jewellery: Chaumet and Edouard Nahum, Paris

Wooden box: Traditional lacquer miniature painting, handpicked in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Silver box: Lancel, Paris


Romanian Scenes at Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton

As someone who professionally observes economic and political developments in different fast-developing emerging markets, I find it particularly interesting what Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton is doing. Since 2006 they have organized three contemporary art exhibitions per year, gathering artists from all over the world (but mainly from emerging markets) to show their work around different themes such as travel, heritage, art and fashion. These themes are then presented in the light of globalization, localisation, conflicting identities and nostalgia that compete to win the future in so many countries today, and as one could image, the result of intriguing!

I have followed Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton exhibitions since the beginning and some of my personal highlights are the very first exhibition called Métamorphoses (presenting the South Korean artist Sookyung Yee, who was also portrayed at FIAC 2013) and Somewhere Else (another great presentation of today’s globalized world and identity struggles seen through the eyes of artists).

Sergiu Toma The Astronomer

Last Sunday I went to see the latest production of Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton: Romanian Scenes. The exhibition combines works from artists that come from two different eras and two different artistically-important locations. Era-wise, there are those from the Communist/Soviet/Cold War period and those who emerged after the collapse of the great Soviet power. Geographically, Bucharest is presented as the more traditional home and the artistic capital of the country, whereas Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania is portrayed as “today’s creative epicenter”.

The exhibition provides an intriguing opportunity to time travel in the past and the future of Romania as well as to learn more about this grand European nation. Indeed, a highly recommended exhibition, but hurry up: Romanian Scenes ends January 12!

Lastly, the million-dollar view of Paris and Parisian architecture you get from Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton is another good reason to head toward avenue des Champs Elysées… Just don’t be afraid of the dark (you will see why)!

Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton (http://www.louisvuitton-espaceculturel.com)

Main entrance: 60, rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris
Entrance by the Louis Vuitton shop: 101, avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris
Opening hours: Mon to Sat 12am to 7pm; Sun 11am to 7pm (no entrance fee and open on French holidays)

PS The copyright of the image goes to  Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, whose press service I thank for kind cooperation with Pearlspotting. 

A special day!

Once in a while my lifestyle/food/wine blog gets more egocentric and personal, and today is one of those days –it is my birthday!

This is what it looked like in the morning when I woke up: Parisian apartment

The first thing I received in the morning was this beautiful bouquet my husband got me. It is on the fire place in the living room next to some Finnish design objects. Parisian bouquet of flowers

Then we paid a visit to Edouard Nahoum who sells excellent and elegant jewellery with friendly service…. and I got to visit his atelier!

Then, as I arrived at home a while ago, this box full of oysters from Cancale was waiting for me in front of our apartment’s door. Merci beaucoup dear Parisian friends!! What a lovely gesture!!Cancale oysters

Indeed, une belle journée and it is not even finished yet. We are now heading to a restaurant but I have no idea which one. I have been trying to guess but my husband’s lips are sealed. I guess I will find out soon enough, and you dear followers will know some time next week, too. Until then, have a lovely evening and preferably with some champagne! 


FIAC 2013

Since my first visit to FIAC in October 1999, I have tried to go back whenever I am in Paris. To me, FIAC is an important window to the contemporary art scene that is not limited to France and the francophone world. It gives me a concrete way to witness how our globalized world is changing, and even if old European cities are still strongly represented, galleries and artists from India, South Korea and Israel are definitely gaining a solid position in the international art world.  FIAC 2013

For example, Yeesookyung is a South Korean artist living in Seoul. We saw her work at Espace Louis Vuitton in Paris in 2008 and recognized her work immediately at FIAC (she reconstructs trashed ceramic vases).Yeesookyung

Jitish Kallat is a Mumbai-based artist whose work reflects the diversified yet complex character of his home city. I am curious to know the story behind this sculpture of four men, so if you know something, please let me know! Otherwise I will pay a visit to Daniel Templon gallery.. (or ask my Mumbai friends!).Jitish Kallat

It would be difficult to make an exhaustive summary of everything I saw at FIAC, but some other interesting art pieces are pictured below:

Suenos by Jason Martin (2012): Jason Martin

Lisa by John DeAndrea (2005): Lisa by John DeAndrea

Indeed, this year we saw many real-life size sculptures of human beings, which made me leave FIAC wondering how the global crisis are influencing the artists’ works….?

PS In addition to the high-quality art, I love FIAC because of its stunning venue: le Grand Palais built in the Belle Epoque era. To see an exhibition at le Grand Palais should be on everyone’s “once in a life time” list so try to make a stop there during your next visit to Paris!

Links to the artists:



http://www.artnet.com/artists/jason-martin-2/ (Note to my Finnish friends: Jason Martin exhibited at Galerie Forsblom in Helsinki 2012)



Warming up for FIAC

After my meeting in the 16th arrondissement this afternoon, I started walking toward Grand Palais, which equals FIAC this week. However, on my way, there was Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, one of my favorite museums in Paris. So, I walked in. It has been several months that I have not have my Delaunay, Dufy and Modigliani dose! Dufy, The Electricity FairyThe permanent collection of this museum is free, and the building is full of light. I describe this museum “cheerful”. It rarely is a top priority for a tourist visiting Paris, but in my opinion it makes an excellent introduction to the turn-of-the-century artists. I find Dufy’s La Fée Electricité (The Electricity Fairy) fascinating.

After an hour or so, I walked out. But there was another “obstacle” between me and FIAC. Palais Tokyo was a few steps away, so I decided to check out its new restaurant Monsieur Bleu. I loved the interior design and thought that the green, which dominated the restaurant, was a particularly beautiful shade of green. There was also a dark grey fireplace made of marble, almost identical to the one we have at home. The lamps were massive but discreet. Indeed, I give full ten points to Monsieur Bleu’s looks!  Monsieur Bleu

By the time I closed the heavy metal door of Monsieur Bleu, my feet stopped cooperating. No FIAC today, they told me.

Mea culpa –a new try tomorrow or Saturday!

Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris: http://www.mam.paris.fr/

The Electricity Fairy (by Dufy): http://www.mam.paris.fr/en/node/359

Monsieur Bleu: http://monsieurbleu.com/

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What Karl Lagerfeld and Elle UK taught me today

What one can learn during some hours on the beach!

1. Karl Lagerfeld is a philosopher: “Personality begins where comparison ends”.

2. Prada and Dior have some crazy, extravagant sun glasses. Really.

3. Chanel is as classy as ever and they have a pair of glasses made for me.Elle UK October 20134. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is free like a bird, and advertises Bulgari jewellery (but does not need that much of photoshopping).

5. Flats by Tod’s look so comfortable and colors are sophisticated. And they are color-coordinated with bags.

6. Nicole Kidman looked great in the Paperboy film (2012), and continues to do so in Jimmy Choo.beach time7. Thomas Sabo has totally copied my engagement ring by Chaumet. Except that his ring is gold plated and with zircon.

Inspiration source:  ELLE UK, October 2013 (http://www.elleuk.com/magazine).

Wedding preparation part 2: dressing for the evening

I bought this petrol blue Azzaro dress for my own civil wedding in the 7th arrondissement of Paris nearly three years ago and now I will wear it for my brother’s civil wedding in Copenhagen. I did some adjustments to the dress today and apart from ironing that I will do upon arrival, it is ready to go! This is quite symbolic, because I will wear Jimmy Choo shoes with the dress, and those shoes I wore when I met my husband one Saturday night in Paris…. It is pleasant to wear clothes that bring happy memories!

Do you have any comments or suggestions for my “wedding look”? If you did not see it already, click here for the town hall dress Wedding preparation part 1: dressing for a civil weddingAzzaro dress