Return to Paris

It has been one week since I returned from Finland to Paris –one long week of missing Finland, its gorgeous weather (that got even better after my departure!) and the summer house.

Few days ago I composed a long post about all of the above but I lost it (WordPress no longer automatically saves one’s posts?) and haven’t felt like rewriting everything again. Maybe it was for the better!?

Over the years I have learned to like Paris, and my life is here, but somehow this year the return has been quite difficult. So, in addition to getting back to the daily routine (regular exercise, healthy eating, less wine drinking) I have tried to do things that make me happy here in Paris. Long walks, spotting history in almost every corner, enjoying the abundance of ethnic kitchens, the endless number of individual book shops and cinemas, to mention a few. I have also enjoyed the fact that Paris is a Latin city. Strangers greet each other, bus drivers say hello, strangers ask where my tropical-looking tan comes from, my fruit and vegetable vendor finally dares to ask where my accent comes from, etc. I like the small talk here. This is not the South of France but getting there…

During the heat wave the sky turns pink in Paris

During the heat wave the sky turns pink in Paris.

Weather-wise it has been quite hot, the air has been heavy, and it has felt very “southern”. Somehow I think that these clouds I photographed this week have also suffered from the heat wave  –they look so heavy, full of heat and ready to explode. It has been a pleasure watching these beautiful sunsets this week and to realize how much happiness some pink clouds can bring!

How has your return been?

2 thoughts on “Return to Paris

  1. Sue Slaght

    Here’s a WordPress tip. Go have a look in your trash and see if your post is there. This happened to me once. Apparently my post decided to go on an adventure. 🙂


    1. Miia Post author

      Hey Sue, I did go to Trash and anywhere I could think of, but strangely it was nowhere. It really is very strange, and it has never happened to me before (I have always found my missing posts). I don’t know what to think except try to remember save the draft 🙂



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