Lots of flying and dreaming

The view from our balcony was very travel-oriented five minutes ago. Lots of planes coming and going to all sorts of exotic and familiar destinations. Paris roofs at nightThis made me think about my next travels: realistic, probable/feasible and unrealistic ones.

At this very moment my list would look something like this: Finland, Italy/Greece/Turkey and India. Finland because of friends, family and summer house, Italy/Greece/Turkey for excellent, affordable food and the Mediterranean sea, and finally India for my friends in Bombay, AMAZING food and complexity mixed with simplicity.

Voila, my list. What is yours? Three categories: a) realistic b) probable/feasible c) unrealistic. Waiting to hear yours!

Meanwhile, have a lovely Friday night. I am off to eat lamb chops.

14 thoughts on “Lots of flying and dreaming

  1. Hayley

    I’d have to say England – to see my friends and family, Australia (it’s very likely we’ll be moving there!) and finally, the unrealistic, Colombia, to visit my older Brother πŸ™‚


      1. Miia Post author

        Oh that is fast! Are you excited or tired of moving around? It is for how many years? Good luck with the paperwork etc!!

        And where would you like to settle down πŸ™‚ ?


      2. Hayley

        We are excited! It’s the first time a move have been fixed for us, it’ll be two years this time. I would love to settle in the UK countryside. The Forest of Dean where I’m from is so beautiful I would love to go back πŸ™‚


      3. Miia Post author

        Well, a little bit of Australia before the green, hilly UK countryside πŸ™‚
        Hope you are continuing your blog!


  2. Vasilis Meschinis

    Beautiful pic! It really makes you dreaming of far-away places!
    My list would look something like the following:
    Realistic: Greece (to visit my parents), Sweden (Muumiristeily on Silja Line to keep the little one satisfied), Switzerland (my sister lives there)
    Probable: India (visited Goa twice and loved it!) , Miami (an alternative to Goa, for next year’s winter holidays)
    Unrealistic: Australia, NZ (too many hours on a packed plane, for a tall guy like me :-))


    1. Miia Post author

      Thanks! I think my most favorite photo object is the view from our balcony πŸ™‚

      Where do you usually go in Greece?

      I was in Miami exactly two years ago and loved it! Such a lovely sea & beach life, amazing architecture,good south american food. Did also the Keys.

      As for the long flights, choose your airline well and it may make traveling a bit more comfortable πŸ˜‰


      1. Vasilis Meschinis

        I usually visit Athens, because my parents and friends live there. If time permits, we combine it with a few nights on an island. Milos is definitely one of my favorites, as well as Hydra, which is quite near Athens. I think that Syros will be our next Greek island destination. I have heard so many good things about it.
        I see you are also a big fan of India. So far, we have only been to Delhi, Agra and Goa.


      2. Miia Post author

        Good to know that I have someone to contact when I need info on Greece πŸ™‚ I have only been to Crete (twice) and loved the south-western corner of the island (the least touristic part).

        India –oh yes, probably my favorite destination!! Well,difficult to compare countries, but yes I am a big fan. Have been there 4 times now, one month each time, so starting to know it quite well. I was just there in April again. What was your impression on India? Delhi and Agra are quite hectic…. Did you visit different cities of Delhi? (Mehrauli etc) That is what I found most interesting about Delhi.


  3. Vasilis Meschinis

    Please do contact me, if you plan on visiting Greece. I would love to help!
    For me, India is an experience with a capital “E”. If you go once, you want to go back again and again. It becomes an addiction. Especially, if your are a vegetarian! πŸ™‚
    The first time we visited Delhi, it was just me and my wife. We went to all the important sights. The second time it was just for a short visit. We were on our way to Goa, and had our little daughter with us. Our hotel was close to Hauz Khas Village. I think that this is one of our favorite parts of Delhi. We both like the ambience of it. It is rather child-friendly, too.
    During our first visit to Delhi, we also had a day trip to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so beautiful in my life! πŸ™‚


    1. Miia Post author

      Thanks! I would like to combine Greek islands with Turkey in the end of this summer but let’s see.

      To be very honest, I was never too keen on Crete because it kind of has that mass tourism image (well, just look at the packages offered by Finnish tour operators…) but we got very cheap tickets last May and decided to try it. As long as you stay away from those tourist complexes, you can find some very authentic, lovely places!! And then we returned in September πŸ™‚ Do you know Crete?

      As for India, my favorite subject πŸ™‚
      1st trip: Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Bombay
      2nd trip: Bombay, Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, a little bit of Tamil Nadu, Bombay
      3rd trip: Bombay, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bombay
      4rd trip: Back to the Golden Triangle (took my parents there), Varanasi, Calcutta, back to Kerala, Bombay

      I did this post earlier this year before my 4th trip: https://pearlspotting.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/india-top-10-places-to-visit/


  4. Vasilis Meschinis

    I must be the only person in Finland, who has never been to Crete! I am sure it has many nice places to visit, but I was never really keen on big Greek islands, with the exception of Corfu. I used to go there a lot, when I was a student. This was million years ago. πŸ™‚
    Your India itineraries are impressive! I will definitely check your posts for inspiration.
    I am currently reading a book that takes place in Calcutta and the US. It’s called “The lowland” and it is written by Jhumpa Lahiri. I enjoy reading it, but I am very slow with books. Will probably take me the whole summer to finnish it…:-)


    1. Miia Post author

      Oh I know Jhumpa Lahiri! I bought her book (I think it was her first ever) like 10 or more years ago! Need to check yours.

      But Corfu is quite touristic, too, right?

      Oh, back to work now! How is it that travel plans are so much more interesting πŸ˜‰ ?!



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