Religion Talks at Lal Qila

Indians love talking and meeting foreigners. Sometimes the purpose is trying to make money out of the tourist, but in most cases (at least in my experience) it is out of sincere curiosity. Where do you come from? What is your country dollar? Are you married? Where do you work? What do you think of India? Etc. Etc. Questions never end.

This morning we started by visiting Lal Qila, the famous Red Fort of Delhi. Before entering the fort, my father started talking to a young man from Jharkhand region and eventually four of us spent two hours getting to know each other while visiting the magnificent fort. There is one particular topic we discussed during our time together that I will always remember, so here you go:

Lal Qila (Red Fort)Red Fort (Lal Qila)

Friend: I am Hindu. Have you heard about it?
Me: Yes, I know a little bit about it.
Friend: Good. A big religion. And you, what is your religion?
Me: I am Christian.
Friend: What is the name of your God?
Me: ummm… The God is called the God… ummm
Friend: But what is his name?
Me: He really is just called the God…
Me: Well, he does have a son too..
Friend: I don’t understand, your God has a name, doesn’t he?
Me: Yes, there is the God, the father, the main God, and then he has a son called Jesus. So, we have two Gods you can say.
Friend: I know Jesus! He is well known among Hindus! But is that all? Only two?
Me: ummm.. well, technically, if you are a Catholic like the French are, then you also have something called Virgin Mary…. She is kind of like a God, too. But in Finland we don’t believe in her. Not like the French do. She is not our God.
Friend: Ok… (visibly puzzled)
Me: So, what is your Hindu God?
Friend: My God is called Bajrangbali. I am single so like all Hindu singles, I believe in him. When I get married, I can change my God.
Me: Ok, I don’t know him. But my husband believes in Hanuman.
Friend: (all happy and smiling) Hanuman and my God are the same!


After this conversation we moved onto another one, but that story is for the next time! I am now going to get a glass of red Grover wine from Nandi Hills and eat some tandoori chicken. Adios and be well everyone.


8 thoughts on “Religion Talks at Lal Qila

    1. Miia Post author

      Innocent kind boy visiting Delhi for a job interview. Of course Our driver was shocked “Never talk to strangers”.. Yeah right


  1. backpackbee

    Too funny! He sounded intriguing. I love when someone approaches you when you are in a foreign place and out of curiosity they start up these conversations never knowing where it might lead or end. It takes courage to do that!


    1. Miia Post author

      You are right!
      He also made some other remarks and questions That are still cracking me up 😊 Will need to write them up soon.
      Have a Great Day!


      1. Miia Post author

        Internet connection is so bad…. need to be very selective about using it and unfortunately need to prioritize reservations!


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