India –here I come!

Apologies for the unusual blog silence. My Emirates flight (380 of course!) to Delhi, India leaves in a few hours’ time. Been busy packing and taking care of things that require attention during the month of April when I am not in Paris.traveling to India

I will spend the first week with my parents pretty much along that same route that I have recently been writing about in my blog (Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan). It is a new travel concept to me (to take my parents to such an exotic destination) and I am even contemplating on adding a new tag word “traveling with parents”. Do you think it would be interesting?

My husbands joins us exactly one week from now and all of us will spend few days together probably at the Neemrana hotel I also already wrote about. After my parents leave, my husband and I hit the road from Delhi toward Varanasi. From Varanasi we will fly to the South India for the rest of the time I think. Free birds go where the wind takes them!

PS Unfortunately I did not have time to finish my India series that I have been writing about (missing posts are about Jodhpur, Pushkar and Udaipur), but I promise to complete the series in May. Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy this new India trip with me!


31 thoughts on “India –here I come!

      1. Miia Post author

        Oh I went There years ago!! I liked it, they were very good and fixed my elbow. I went to the one south of Kovalam, on a cliff. Which one were You at?


      2. journeyfiles

        My husband were at Somatheeram and some of our friends. My husband’s mother though went to a very traditional Ayurveda resort in Kerala and stayed there for 4 weeks. The doctor prepared all the ‘medicines’ from the herbs growing in the garden. It definitely helped her diabetes and she lost lot of weight!


      3. Miia Post author

        Sorry for taking so long to respond –internet is quite bad.

        Do you remember which Somatheeram it was? We were in a place that was located on a cliff looking at the Indian Ocean. Lovely but there was nothing else. We are now thinking of finding smth maybe a bit closer to a village. Maybe the one in Kovalam. We visited it and it looked very nice. Plus you have the village nearby.


      4. journeyfiles

        It’s Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort in Kovalam: ( I think you were looking at this one. It has very good reputation, even amongst Indians.


    1. Miia Post author

      Thanks for supporting the idea. I know ppl make tags “traveling with children” so why not the same but with parents? I guess most of us have retired parents who never experienced the world like we do, so it could be interesting.
      I will think about during my long flight from Paris to Dubai 🙂


    1. Miia Post author

      Thanks! During almost ten years I worked everywhere from Africa and former USSR to Central Asia and Caribbean.. Now I work independently from Paris but my clients are all over. That’s already a good start!



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