Hotel Pearl Palace in Jaipur

During our stay in Jaipur we slept at a nice, clean and cute little hotel called Hotel Pearl Palace. We had chosen it for four reasons: excellent Tripadvisor reviews, reactive management (fast email responding), location in a quite neighborhood and the rooftop terrace restaurant. In the end of our stay we felt we had made the right choice. Hotel Pearl PalaceJust before I started writing this post I returned to Tripadvisor website to check the ranking of Hotel Pearl Palace. To my delight, I saw that it is considered to be the sixth best hotel among Jaipur’s 300 hotels! Right after the Oberoi and the Taj. Impressive!

We felt that the staff was really friendly and helpful. The building itself was in a good condition and corridors were decorated with lovely objects and furniture. The rooftop terrace (restaurant Peacock) was a lovely oasis where we had dinner every night. Moreover, we felt that it was nice to have a quiet hotel where to return in the evening –Jaipur is a bit hectic and can feel overwhelming.Hotel Pearl PalaceOur room was a standard double room (#301) and we paid 800INR (9.40€ or 13USD). It was a rather simple but comfortable room with a nice bathroom, and we considered it excellent value for money. There are many different types of rooms, all displayed on the hotel’s website.Hotel Pearl PalaceThis said, there really isn’t anything negative to say about the hotel. Well, it doesn’t have a pool, but if it had one, the prices wouldn’t be the same… Should I return to Jaipur and needed a hotel in this price category, I would definitely return to Hotel Pearl Palace.


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14 thoughts on “Hotel Pearl Palace in Jaipur

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    1. Miia Post author

      I went back to my old notes to write this piece and when I found the name of the hotel, it made me laugh too 🙂

      And yes, especially in Rajasthan you have an abundance of great, cheap hotels.


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