Lao Lane Xang 2: simply the best

I have been a loyal customer of Lao Lane Xang 2 ever since it was created. It is my number one choice in the Southeast Asian food category in Paris, and in fact, I could not imagine my life without this divine restaurant, owned by half Laotian, half Vietnamese brothers.

The restaurant is always full and reservations are recommended. However, if you are just two and willing to wait for 15-30 minutes, you usually get a table. But try to call at least one day in advance.

The menu consists of dishes from Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. Even if the prices were increased a little bit in early January, they remain very reasonable. For example, we usually order more than enough food, champagne & beer for aperitif and wine with food, and the bill has never exceeded 75€ (for two).

Some of my favorite dishes are the following:

1. Ped Lad Prik (tamarind duck 13€). This is the house special and the most popular dish. It is simply from heaven. Number L43 in the menu (I know the numbers by heart!).Ped Lad Prik

2. Lap Neua (minced beef meat 9€50). This is the famous Laotian raw or semi-raw dish, which exists also in duck at Lao Lane Xang 2. It is one of my favorite dishes in the world (One more time, one more laap) and nothing beats a well-made lap, I reckon. I even learned how to make it in Laos (Cooking class in Luang Prabang).lap neuaI believe that the version made by Lao Lane Xang 2 is as close as it gets to any lap made in Laos and if you like raw or semi-raw meat, go for it! (Tip: I order lap even during summer months and I have never been sick at Lao Lane Xang 2. But if you hesitate, ask them to cook it more for you)

3. Yam Lao Lane Xang (prawn and cuttlefish salad 10€40). This vinegar-based salad is another favorite of mine. It is refreshing and contains raw red onions, cashew nuts, salad, fried prawns and dried cuttlefish slices. Delicious!!Yam Lao Lane Xang

4. Khung (fried prawns in red coconut curry 12€40). My husband loves this dish but since I usually don’t eat fried food, I find it slightly less appealing. Do not get me wrong; it IS very tasty, but one has to like fried food to like it (well, stating the obvious now…). I usually have a little bit, but I could not eat the entire dish alone.Khung

The menu is long and I have tasted at least one third of the dishes. They are all very good, but these four have become my favorite ones over the years. If you are a group of people, then order many dishes and share: the best way to explore Asian cuisine!

As to the wine, we usually have wine by carafe (50cl 10€) and find it of rather high quality. A glass of champagne (Philipponnat) costs 8€50 and it is a wonderful choice of champagne.

I love going to Lao Lane Xang 2 and find the service excellent and fast. Highly recommended!!

Lao Lane Xang 2:

102 avenue d’Ivry, 75013


Telephone. +33 (0)1 58 89 00 00
Metro: Tolbiac, Place d’Italie
Closed on Wednesdays!


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15 thoughts on “Lao Lane Xang 2: simply the best

    1. Miia Post author

      Thanks! Do you know LLX2? The duck dish is The Signature Dish that I order every single time. Nice mix of greens, meat, garlic, basil etc. Let me know how you like it!!


    1. Miia Post author

      Ahhhh, I have not gotten that far (am reading your Paris review right now). We have some restaurants in common, but I am making new discoveries, too. Excellent 🙂


    1. Miia Post author

      In Paris champagne by glass is usually 10-12€, and the fancier the place, the more expensive it gets. 8.50€ is a very good price. And philipponat is a good champagne.

      how much is champagne in Helsinki? Real champagne, not kuohuviini…


      1. reijosfood

        It is basically more expensive due to alcohol tax, but price range for basic champagne is 10-16€ depending on if it is 8 cl, 10 cl or 12 cl glass, of course. In fine dining restaurants prices start from 15€ but then it is not basic Mercier or something like to that.
        Last couple of years there has been interesting bottle offers starting from 39€.


      2. reijosfood

        Posted about one Nicolas Fauillette promotion late 2012. Have also enjoyed of these offers couple of times.

        Only problem is that champagne is stored in the same temperature as white wines. Quess if it is then too warm…


  1. Miia Post author

    Wow, 39€!! I think I have never seen it this cheap in Paris. Where is it in Helsinki? I wonder how they do it considering transport costs and taxes….

    Btw, have you ever been to Champagne region in France? I think you would love it! I spent my birthday there just over one year ago and such fun memories. Champagne is so cheap there that you can actually drink it all the time, even through meals 🙂 Such happiness 🙂

    ps I think it is always 12 cl here.


  2. Indah Susanti

    Miia..this is wonderful review. I think I do have to visit this place when in Paris! Thanks so much!! – oh I will infor my friend in paris as well about your post, I am sure she will love it!


    1. Miia Post author

      The family had their original restaurant on the opposite side of the street. There were three restos next to one another at one point, but I think one is closed now.
      This Lao Lane Xang II is their newest addition, and nicest looking. It has two floors, a terrace in summer, and the food is better than on the other side of the street.
      A super popular resto where you always have to queue (even reservations can difficult to make so be prepared to show up and wait).
      Your friend may know this, they are very famous! Let me know 🙂



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