Parisian stairway from 1870’s (before the renovation)

Going through a major renovation is fascinating: words “before” and “after” suddenly get a very deep meaning!

Today our stairway is receiving its first varnish and I thought it would be interesting to show a photo of what it looked like before. I do have many before and after photos from inside the apartment, but unfortunately only one showing the stairway. Better than nothing, I hope! Parisian stairway

I am not quite sure when the stairway was last renovated, but the cork-type of wallpaper hints to the 60’s or 70’s… any architects out there who can help me out?

The carpet, on the other hand, is quite a typical carpet one finds in Parisian building,s but again, I have no idea which decade it comes from.

Ps In case you missed my last post, check it out here: Parisian stairway from 1870′s (a photo I took on Monday this week, showing the new painting). Quite a transformation!!






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