Apéritif hour at Le Baron Rouge

After running errands in Chinatown this afternoon, only two tasks remained: to buy wine and to buy oysters. Direction: Le Baron Rouge!

I really like going to Le Baron Rouge in the late afternoon when the crowds have not yet filled the space. It is nice watching the clients and the life of the barmen. It feels like the time has stopped. And there are those traditional huge oak barrels waiting for customers to choose which wine to take home. Le Baron Rouge

We purchased some Côtes du Rhône (to go with the cheese after the oysters) and had an apéritif at the bar. One of those moments when you say to yourself Vive la France!

9 thoughts on “Apéritif hour at Le Baron Rouge

      1. Miia Post author

        We have always caught some mussels in our lake but never dared to eat them. Apparently according to some regional environmental offices (“ympäristötoimisto”?) they are not edible. So, I think cultivating oysters would be stretching it. It is only recently that we have caught trouts in the lake. But hey, who knows, maybe one day we can have oysters (but then they would not have that salty seawater taste!!).


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