Travel fever

Since returning to Paris on Monday my “travel-advisory-services company” has received a bunch of inquiries from different people about traveling.  Some examples:

  • my brother has already been to Zanzibar, but asked me about Lamu in Kenya
  • someone else wanted to know about driving to Oman from Dubai
  • a blogger friend from Sydney is coming to Paris and asked for bistro recommendations
  • my husband asked me to check out “what to do around Colmar” in Alsace (his work trip just got confirmed there and I may join him)
  • and then before I noticed, I got caught up in a discussion about means of travel to reach the Aral Sea! (I have actually been there! out of all the places, yes!)

All of these discussions brought up memories, so I went to see some old photos and found this photo I took in 2003 in Mombasa, Kenya. It is one of my favorite photos ever.


PS Have you checked Pearlspotting’s Facebook page? It has a bit more updates on what is happening in Paris!

12 thoughts on “Travel fever

  1. Annukka

    In Colmar you have the most beautiful Christmas market of all France! This year it starts the 22nd of November so I hope your journey will be after that. There is also quite nearby Mont Saint Odile which hosts a monastery from 8th century and has constructions from before Christ. This is a very famous place for pilgrimage and you can stay overnight at the monastery. Very interesting place and beautiful landscape! And you have a miraculous healing fountain…


    1. Miia Post author

      Thank you Annukka 🙂

      I checked, and Mont Saint Odile is about 55km from Colmar. I don’t yet know our itinerary, but in your opinion it is worth the trip I hear? The fountain is there, too?

      Have you done any of the route des vins over there 🙂 ?



      1. Annukka

        Well, I visited Mont Saint Odile on a beautiful sunshiny day and it was a nice little walk on the hills and historically interesting -so if the weather forecast is not pouring rain then I definetly recommend! The fountain is just below the monastery. check out also some of the other historical sites around.

        Unfortunately I havent visited the regions vineyards, but I am sure you can find some very unique and interesting delicacies there!


    1. Miia Post author

      Hi! I learned some swahili when I worked in TZ and Kenya, but I would like to learn more!

      By any chance, did your company exist back in 2000 (that is when I worked in Dar)? Somehow your logo seems to ring a bell…. I traveled quite extensively and came to Arusha, too…..



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