Balcony inspiration

There has been so much to do inside of the apartment, that we have entirely neglected our spacious, beautiful balcony. But this changed last weekend. We rented a car and bough different items, and this is how far we got in decoration:

balcony in Paris

Basil, lavander and ivies. An olive tree and bamboos are still to be purchased.

Naturally, a barbeque grill is missing too, and I cannot wait to have our first BBQ meal outside, served with rosé wine. I hope the summer is going to be long and hot in Paris!

PS Those tam tam stools come from Habitat (Montparnasse). The store has excellent liquidation sales going on for one more week, so if you are in Paris, go and check them out!

Link to the stools:




2 thoughts on “Balcony inspiration

  1. Janne


    I like what you have done with the balcony, maybe we should come to pay a visit before it gets too cold or rainy in Paris like last time (was it December?)

    In Finland it’s raining cats and dogs this week. And we are just about half way of August! It looks like it’s gonna be a long and agonizing autumn.


    1. Miia Post author

      Hi Janne,

      It is still very nice and warm here. Almost 30C, and 26C all next week. So, yes, you should come asap, but check the dates with me before buying tickets. We have four weddings coming up: two in Paris, one in Denmark, one in Uzbekistan! Plus we try to catch some Mediterranean sun before it is too late for this year…



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