A must-try at the Finnish summer house!

This morning my brother took me to test our new fishing boat. The lake was calm and beautiful, and the boat swam smoothly in the water. I got to be a captain for a while, too. captain of the boatAfterwards he convinced me to try this thing, sitting in the middle of a round-shaped plastic wheel, which is pulled by a boat.  It was actually a lot of fun and I did not fall once. We did a few rounds in the bay.water sports  My brother did it, too, but he requested much more speed (but did not fall either). my brother having funLife at the summer house is good. Temperature has climbed well above 20C and the sun is shining. My Dad is preparing grilled lake wish (called vendace I think), so must go now!

3 thoughts on “A must-try at the Finnish summer house!

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