Two sides of a Parisian apartment

For those who have been asking me to share some photos of our apartment, here you go with some view photos. Selected interior photos will follow, sooner than later….

The view toward the court yard is quite interesting because the court yard has an original triangle form. I watch the pigeons and other birds while cooking (and sometimes wonder when the building on the right-hand side will decide to do some maintenance…). I particularly like the chimneys in a row. Tonight the clouds moved very fast and the rain did not fall in our arrondissement.court yard view

The view on the other side is toward the Eiffel Tower. If our living room floor was just two meters higher, we would see it. Oh well. We had the view from our old apartment, and cannot have it all in life! This time we are luck because there are very few neighbors close by, and the nearest buildings are for offices and lower than ours (and inch’allah will stay that way). It is quiet in this part of Paris and intimate in the evening. Like in a village. I particularly like the palm tree that you can see in the photo on the left and I have noticed that the pigeons like to fly between our balcony and this palm tree.

Lastly, it may not be very visible in the photo, but there is an airplane. For a really long time we did not have curtains in the bedroom and we would watch the planes flying in the sky. Sometimes it was almost visible to see which airline it is. And they make good stories for dreams! Planes traveling to all those exotic places in the world, from India to Africa, from Iceland to Australia. A small but big world. street view

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