Taking advice from Aristotle

In addition to lower-than-usual temperatures and higher-than-usual rain falls, Paris has also been quite polluted for some time now. I have a sore throat that does not seem to go away and I wonder if it is related to allergy. Or maybe simply my throat is saying “bring me back to clean airs of Crete”!

In an attempt to cure withdrawal symptoms and the soar throat, I went to my kitchen this afternoon and made myself some herbal tea from dittany of Crete. The Greek philosopher Aristotle once said Wild goats in Crete are said, when wounded by arrow, to go in search of dittany, which is supposed to have the property of ejecting arrows in the body.” So, if dittany works with goats, it can cure me too, right? I am half way through my second mug and already feeling better…. dittany of Crete

PS To read more about this interesting, rare and valuable herb please go here: https://pearlspotting.wordpress.com/2013/05/22/the-island-of-the-gods-and-herbs-olive-oil-honey-raki/


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