Colorful, happy decoration ideas

It was exactly one year ago when we first visited the apartment that we today own. Huge renovations begun in June, one day after signing the purchase contract, and continued until October. We managed to move in in October, one day before our wedding anniversary, but small works continued… Finally in January the construction company received the last payment from us which meant no more waking up at 7am on a Saturday morning to receive a plumber or an electrician! Apartment became ours, and since our return from Southeast Asia in the beginning of March we have been able to focus mainly on decoration. Next purchases should be two lamps for the living room, one lamp for the bathroom, one shelf for the kitchen and some other small items. Getting there!

During the month of April I have visited a shop called FLEUX’ twice. The very first FLEUX’ shop arrived in Paris, in the heart of Marais, eight years ago and in the beginning of this year the fourth shop was opened. Until today I have not done big purchases there (I guess I am not an impulsive shopper!) but I keep returning for a second look and to have fresh ideas. Moreover, the shop puts me in a good mood: there are funny gift items, elegant furniture, lamps, books, etc. Most of all, the colors are almost as abundant as in India, and I think this is what I like most about FLEUX’. Colors make us happy.FLEUX'  39 & 52 rue Sainte Croix de la BretonnerieBelow you see photos of objects that I noticed and found either original or interesting. Have fun!

MUGS: First two sentences of Pantone Universe‘s website are “Color is essential to your life. The colors you love are deep and vital affirmations of who you are.” I have nothing to add! ( Universe

CANDLES: Perfumed candles have been extremely popular for a long time so I would have thought that all possible names have already been used. Not true. Marianne Guedin‘s candles have names that match any mood you are in: Paris Sous la Pluie, Figue Sucrée, Nombril de Vénus, Herbes des Sorciers, Orientale… Nice! ( Guedin

BALCONY TABLE SET: We have an eight-meter-long balcony waiting for a table where at least two people can eat (preferably three or even four…). I like this round table, but even more so the serving table on the left where I could grow herbs (or place a wine bottle and salt & pepper while eating). I will need to return to choose the right color…. and then buy matching balcony flowers!balcony table

BOTTLE HOLDER: Talking of wine,  I don’t think I would buy this wine bottle holder for myself (my taste is more classic) but I think it is an original gift idea! It is called “Lasso” –what else?– and sells for 25€90.  (Idea: Wouldn’t the rope look more elegant if it came in different color or maybe embroidered?)original bottle holder

OTHER OBJECTS: Owls seem to be fashionable today, and why would not they be? They are beautiful, elegant birds, associated with wisdom. No wonder Athena, who was the patron goddess of Athens, chose an owl as her symbol. one more owl

CLOTHES HOOKS: The next time you need to add clothes hooks in your bathroom, bedroom or wardrobe, why not to choose a red moose or one of these owls? (OK, I come from Finland and we love animals, so please bear with me…)owl clothes hooks moose clothes hooks

SHELVES & BUREAU FURNITURE: These shelves on the right are hugely popular, photographed by many decoration magazines. Unfortunately the size is not ideal for our kitchen, so I think we will keep looking… or maybe I will return to have a third look!shelvesIf we had more space or needed more furniture, I would probably buy this bureau furniture for papers and folders. I think the greenish color on the right is very subtle (photo below).more colors! Lastly, the next time you need to buy a gift for a a friend who has “everything” (and who also possesses an apartment with a lot of space!) why not to buy this gorilla? King Kong is back!Red King Kong


39 & 52 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, 75004 PARIS (Metro Hôtel de Ville)

Telephone: 01-42782720, 01-42777385, 01-42745182, 01-42746554.

Open on Sundays!

3 thoughts on “Colorful, happy decoration ideas

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  2. Hayley

    I notice you state it opens on Sunday, having lived in continental europe I know what a big deal this is! We appreciate being able to go to the malls here on a sunday evening but I like the idea of having one day a week to just shut off from everything. 🙂


    1. Miia Post author

      I know what you mean! In the US, Asia, Dubai etc, it is kind of nice that “everything is available at any time” but I think it is also nice that in many European countries things shut down one day per week. In fact, it is changing a bit, but when I wad a child, shops closed at midday on Xmas Eve! And only opened for a few hours on the Boxing Day. People would go crazy these days 😉

      This said, FLEUX shop is a bit different because it is in the (originally) Jewish neighborhood called Marais, which shuts down on Saturdays and opens again on Sunday 😉



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