Kir at La Palette

IMG_2358There are many superb old-fashioned cafes in Paris that I like going to especially with friends visiting Paris. As a bonus, I get to play tourist, too. During these last two days, I have been to Le Petit Marcel near the Pompidou Centre, Cafe de la Mairie near the Eglise Saint-Sulpice and La Palette in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

La Palette, like many other similar cafes, was frequented by Picasso and Hemingway, amongst other famous names. When we walked in, the lunch hour was just ending and the waiters were getting ready for their own lunch pause. The snow was falling outside but inside the paintings and their yellow and orange colors warmed us up. Large mirrors on all walls were very scratched. There was a charismatic-looking American couple and us. It was an odd hour for an apéritif, but that is all we felt like having, so deux kir s’il vous plaît Monsieur!

4 thoughts on “Kir at La Palette

  1. Carina

    I LOVE La Palette….I could sit and hang out there for hours. I’m also extremely happy that they are preserving it and it is now a protected property. So many places in Paris are being stripped of their charm and turned modern that it’s a treat to be able to pass time in places such as La Palette.


    1. Miia Post author

      You are so right! When I see new cafes popping up and they all look the same, I say to myself What a Pity! People come to Paris for its history, and cafe history is a large part of it…



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