Return to Paris and changing eating habits

dinnerDuring the last 24 hours I have had many meals: a Malaysian dinner in Kuala Lumpur just before heading to the airport, a Cajun-inspired snack and a Malaysian nasi lemak breakfast on Emirates flight KUL-DXB, and an Arabic mezze breakfast and an Indian lunch on Emirates flight DXB-CDG.

When we arrived at home in Paris around 3pm this afternoon, it was dinnertime in Kuala Lumpur and the question what to eat arose… Naturally we had been eating a lot of noodles, fried rice, laap, Thai soups and salads during our just over three week stay in Southeast Asia. We asked ourselves what was it in the French (or European) cuisine that we really craved and nothing special came to our mind apart from fresh salad, French cheese and smoked salmon. Had we had a bit more energy, oysters would have been nice as well!

The plates are empty and it is now 7pm. I will probably break my all-time record, but I am going to sleep now.

PS Due to weak connection I was not able to write as much as I had planned to. This and next week there will be posts about Siem Reap, the temples (Angkor Wat etc) and the surroundings, more writing about Laos and particularly Luang Prabang (Unesco Heritage Site), something on Thailand even if I cannot call it the best part of the trip (we went to Koh Lipe), and lastly about Langkawi, Malaysia, where we stayed at an amazing boutique hotel. À bientôt until then!

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