Local specialities and food markets

A friend of mine asked me this morning if I have received a hotel in Bangall those colors!kok. I had to say no, and to be honest, the truth is that I have only been reading about food. For example, I know we should taste frog porridge in Kuala Lumpur and my husband has learned that cockroaches are very crunchy and yummy… When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right?

They say the way to a man‘s heart is through his stomach but I would like to rewrite the proverb. How about thSun dried chiliese way to a nation’s

mentality is through its food? I think one of the best ways to understand and experience a countryIMG_3118 is by eating locally and learning what different dishes represent, what history and meaning they contain. Get invited to homes, ask your local taxi driver about his favorite restaurant and go to food markets early in the morning or after the siesta (find out the best time as the timing is everything!).

These photos are from Jaipur market in Rajasthan, India. Enjoy the colors!

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