Fabulous Ayurvedic Treatments

Ever since we decided to return to India for one month it was clear that one of the main destinations would have to be Kerala, because Kerala equals Ayurveda. I truly believe that if there is one type of massage therapy that suits us, it is the ancient healing medicine called Ayurveda. Even when we are in Paris we dream about Ayurvedic massage.

As many of you already know, we have been enjoying ourself at Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort since last Friday. Upon arrival we chose a full package (private cottage, three meals and two hours of Ayurvedic treatments per day) and started the therapy immediately. Today we completed the fourth session and we have three more days to go. It has been amazing so far!

Moreover, it has been interesting to observe daily changes of body and mind. For example, this morning my husband said that he feels our bodies look more toned and muscled. We are eating a lot but not gaining weight. Secondly, in the beginning of our stay we were very tired and it took us three full days to feel totally relaxed. I guess this is typical and this is why I am happy we stay seven nights.Ayurveda at SomatheeramThere are two therapists, young local girls, who take care of me. They are gentle but strong, sometimes they giggle (especially at my attempts to wear Indian clothes I think) and often they whisper to each other in their own dialect. By now they are used to seeing me naked, I am familiar with their hands and feet, and they have splashed tens of liters of oil on my body including head. It has been a fascinating encounter.

Today I had a treatment that was new to me, and it is the most curious therapy I have received so far: during fifteen minutes about one liter of hot herbal cow milk was poured on my forehead. Wow. How did it feel? Relaxing. How did it smell? Like some Indian sweets!

This stay has been fabulous and I will miss the herbal oils, the hot milk and the girls. And incredible India that never ceases to impress me.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort: http://somatheeram.in/

8 thoughts on “Fabulous Ayurvedic Treatments

    1. Miia Post author

      I can still smell it!
      Oh, and the last day they put me in a wooden hot steam “room”. Imagine, I looked like in a prisoner, only head sticking out. The steam was very hot (100C apparently) and outside temperature was about 33C, so imagine the sweating…


  1. Resa

    very nice to learn about this resort reference… when i was in Kerala 3 yrs ago i went to an ayurvedic massage which was some experience: the lady was even whispering some religious chants, prayers, or similar. the bright green mix of herbs felt extremely oily, i was literally slipping off the table, and then i still remember the scent which was a bit overwhelming… but there was something quite special and natural about it all, it’s true (even if i couldn’t take off the oil for days after!). good that you found this place as usually it’s mainly ashram places that offer the real ayurvedic lifestyle and treatment but from what i have heard those tend to be a bit too extreme psychologically. while this seems like you’ve had the pampering + the natural lifestyle.


    1. Miia Post author

      Yes, I agree with your thoughts!

      We initially visited this place 4 years ago and loved it. They fixed my elbow, so we definitely wanted to return this time.

      I will soon write more about Somatheeram because they really are The Reference for ayurveda treatments (they have many resorts in Kerala).

      You can follow a more hardcore lifestyle (e.g. by unlimited yoga and meditation), but you can also be more relaxed –up to you. I did not eat meat during one week but it is up to you. We didn’t have alcohol either (there is no alcohol license) but again, no one will confiscate your bottle if you want to drink it in your room 😉

      Some treatments were a bit weird (hot cow milk etc.) but nothing too overwhelming or questionable. But there always is a lot of oil 🙂


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