Neemrana Fort-Palace: the magnificent 15th century palace

After visiting Fatehpur Sikri: what a pearl! we hit the road to Neemrana village in Alwar district, in the northern part of Rajasthan. The road was in a bad condition and it took us six hours to reach our destination, which was only 200 km away.

However, our patience was rewarded upon arrival at Neemrana Fort-Palace. While entering this 15th century palace we could almost hear maharajas whispering namaste to us. This is how magic it looked and felt like.Neemrana Fort-PalaceAfter the check-in, we were taken into our room Parvati Mahal, which was very lovely and stylish. Parvati Mahal, NeemranaExcited, we rushed to the balcony and saw the pool area. Wow. In whichever direction we looked, there was an extraordinary wing or level, old and new, turning the hotel into a romantic and mysterious storybook.  Neemrana Fort-PalaceNeemrana Fort-PalaceAs the sun was still shining, we swam in the pool and admired magnificent architecture that surrounded us. I am pretty sure maharajas were somewhere watching us. Monkeys were.Neemrana Fort-PalaceAt the sunset we headed to dinner, which was a tasty North Indian buffet served in a very pleasant terrace. There were lots of candles and more antique decoration elements everywhere. Indian red wine we ordered with the meal was just perfect, fruity and tangy.dining at Neemrana Fort-Palace

Neemrana Fort-Palace was more elegant than we could have expected. During our three-day stay we visited many rooms (each one of them was different, but stylish and comfortable) and wandered around different parts of the fort-palace. Since it was built over different centuries, and recently restored, it felt like time-traveling in a labyrinth. We could not get enough of details and atmosphere, and were sad to leave when the day came. But I am confident that we will make a return one day!

Note: Since our visit to Neemrana Fort-Palace, we have stayed at several Neemrana properties in different parts of India. Today, the group owns 29 heritage buildings, “non-hotels”, and each one of them is a reflection of India’s rich history.  The owners (an Indian gentleman and a Frenchman) pay attention to every detail, and rooms are decorated with beautiful antique objects, quality textiles and comfortable furniture. As the buildings where the Neemrana properties are located were not meant for hotel usage, every room is different (which explains rather large room price variations). So, if you are planning a trip to India, make sure you don’t leave India without a true Neemrana experience –highly recommended!!


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15 thoughts on “Neemrana Fort-Palace: the magnificent 15th century palace

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    1. Miia Post author

      The owners (well, the French partner passed away this year) keep buying old heritage forts, castles, houses and buildings, restore them, give life to them while respecting the property’s “personality” and voila, each hotel is like a museum, art gallery and home at the same time.

      Highly recommended for anyone interested in history, art and culture.


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    1. Miia Post author

      Hey, just saw your lovely post and thanks for crediting I will share your post right now on pearlspotting FB page. Please feel free to visit.

      Greetings from Paris and take care.


    1. Miia Post author

      Hey, sorry for my belated response, but our 1 year old daughter is keeping me more than busy 😉 A nice post, well done! I am curious, where is that bath? I don’t recall seeing it. You have one photo of it. Take care and greetings from Paris.



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