Jodhpur Palace: classic North Indian food

Paris is great for many things but not for North Indian restaurants. This is not London. And I am suffering from this!

After visiting India three times, I find it harder and harder to eat North Indian food here. South Indian food is ok (see My love affair with Saravanaa Bhavan), but North Indian food is more difficult. I sometimes go to Nirvana Inde in the 8th but it is quite far away from where I. And there also is Le Palais de Raja Maharaja (in the 15th, bordering the 7th), but I don’t live nearby either.

Probably because of my recent posts about India, we really wanted to eat North Indian food yesterday. My husband searched Tripadvisor, Le Fooding and Michelin, and finally we opted for Jodhpur Palace in the 12th, recommended by Michelin. Jodhpur PalaceI guess we had a bit of bad luck because there was a crazy couple next to us, making scenes, but I liked the way the staff handled them.

Contrary to what many reviews say about Jodhpur Palace, the service was fast and our chutneys arrived promptly. The wine, Côtes Du Rhône Seigneurs De Laudun (2011) arrived a few minutes later, too. It paired well with the dishes we chose.Jodhpur palaceWe ordered cheese nan, butter chicken, Hyderabad lamb, bartha and palak paneer. They looked delicious and were nicely presented. We preferred palak paneer, which was particularly tasty. It was made of real Indian cheese (and not of La vache qui rit cheese) and the taste was very refined. Our second-most favorite dish was butter chicken. A great dish with high-quality chicken. Bartha, the eggplant puree was loved by my husband, but I thought it had something missing. Lastly, Hyderabad lamb was not bad at all, but the mint taste was too strong. I do like mint a lot, but I think the beauty of Indian dishes is that they are so subtle and so harmonious that there isn’t just one flavor that becomes dominant. Jodhpur PalaceThis said, our dinner was a delight and I think we will return to Jodhpur Palace. The bill came to 75€ and we thought it was very reasonable.

JODHPUR PALACE ( : in the corner of 42 Allée Vivaldi and 16 rue Hénard, Paris 75012. Tel: 01-43407246.

PS They serve thalis during the lunch hour and I am interested in tasting them.


6 thoughts on “Jodhpur Palace: classic North Indian food

  1. backpackbee

    Looked promising, all and all. There isn’t anything worse than embarrassing couples that get seated by you causing a scene or being rude. I’m glad you guys didn’t let that get you down!


    1. Miia Post author

      Yeah… and their stories (=complains) were not even credible… I even wondered if they were “professionals” in a sense that they were maybe looking for a free meal because of all that “suffering”. Who knows.



    Write a letter… Say you are leaving and give it to the “North Indian Food” cause once you travel further up north You will meet the True Love .. Kashmiri Food. The real Mughal Food… I`m not sure if you can try this in Paris somewhere but On your next trip to Delhi… Put it on the To Do List….


    1. Miia Post author

      I haven’t traveled north of Delhi but it sounds like it should be on my list 🙂 In Paris the Indian food is “Punjabi food” (at least that is what they always say when I ask where the chef comes from) and Sri Lankan.. Some good Sth Indian thali place do exist. But more difficult for the North Indian food!



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