Christmas food shopping at the Bastille Market

Today’s mission was to buy tons of fruits and vegetables for Christmas. The Bastille market was even more attractive than usually and some stalls had installed Christmas decorations. There were more specialty foods like stuffed lobster tails as well as different types of poultry. They looked so delicious and mouth watering that I had to get some photos to share with you –enjoy!

Scallops: scallops

Blue Breton lobster and sea urchins: Blue Breton lobster and sea urchin

Famous “Bresse chicken”: Bresse chicken

Snails with parsley and garlic: snails

Frog legs, of course!frog legs

Chapon (capon/rooster) and goose, traditional French Christmas poultry:capon

We skipped all of these appetizing foods and focused just on fruits and vegetables. Upon arrival at home, I placed everything on the dining table and this is what it looked like: fruits and vegetables from the Bastille Market

Tomorrow we continue the groceries and the list includes: foie gras, oysters, blinis, fish eggs, ingredients for chocolate cake and Mont d’or cheese. Not forgetting wine from Le Baron Rouge! Tuesday will be another big day as our stuffed goose is ready and we can pick it up. So, three more nights until the Christmas Day and the menu already looking fine!

How is your menu coming along? What are your favorite Christmas dishes and do you prepare them yourself?  Follow Pearlspotting on Facebook to read more about our Franco-Finnish Christmas in Paris!

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