Marriage of oysters and nouveau wine

Fifteen oysters with vin primeur, and my Saturday night is perfect!oysters from NormandyOysters: cultivated by Patrick Liron in Normandy. They can be found in three different arrondissements in Paris: 3, 7 and 15. Our favorite oyster type is huître sauvage but I was told yesterday that they will only be available starting November. We purchased 30 oysters in total, three different types but all size two, for 37€.

Where to find Patrick Liron oysters in Paris?

Wine: vin primeur by Domaine La Grave, Coteaux de Peyriac (Hauts de Badens). Vin primeur means new wine, and it is sold the year it was harvested. Sometimes only few weeks later. It is at its best within few months of the release. The most famous vin primeur is obviously Beaujolais nouveau.

The white wine we had yesterday comes from our favorite caviste, Bernard Bouichet who has an outstanding taste in good-quality, healthy-tasting wine. We bought one bottle of vin primeur last weekend and returned yesterday to buy ten more. At 4€80 per bottle, the price-quality ratio is excellent.

Where to find this excellent vin primeur? La Cave du Voyageur, 21 rue de la Croix Nivert (75015). Tel. 01-42 73 07 81.

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4 thoughts on “Marriage of oysters and nouveau wine

  1. Janne

    It sure looks delicious! What did you have on the side? Some bread with butter and ?
    Maybe we can arrange a nice evening with oysters sometimes next winter? If just everything falls into place 😉


    1. Miia Post author

      We were a bit lazy, so just had baquette and butter, and some graviera cheese (from Crete) for dessert.

      A green salad with baked or boiled potatoes can be a nice second course.

      Surely, January-April are very good months for oyster eating! The weather has been quite mild here, and the oysters we had on Saturday were a bit milky. But surely by the time you get here, they are perfect 🙂


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