Paris after the rain


The rain has stopped and it is time to head out. This is the view from our balcony. The Seine is less than 100 meters on your left. Le Marais is right in front of you. We live in the 4th arrondissement, one of the oldest parts of Paris. I need to find some old maps of Paris to find out the exact location, but there used to be an island called Île Louviers where we now live. If you google the map of Paris, you will see two islands in the center of Paris: Île de la Cité (where Notre Dame is) and Île Saint-Louis. Île Louviers was located on the right from Île Saint-Louis, towards La Bastille. Obviously the island doesn’t exist anymore, and it was attached to “mainland Paris” in 1847 (a few earlier than our building was constructed). History is fascinating!

1 thought on “Paris after the rain

  1. vijay

    Yea history is really fascinating…and so is this blog. Send us the google coordinates so that I can see ur house on google earth. Have fun..



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