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Happy Snake Year

candlesAs millions of Chinese today, we also went to a temple to leave behind last year and welcome this new year into our life, hoping it will bring plenty of happiness, stable health, prosperity and good luck. We purchased a candle and lit it up at one of the oldest temples of Kuala Lumpur, Sin Sze Si Ya Temple near the central Market (a very charming small temple).

This morning we did not respect a basic rule of traveling through different time zones: set your alarm clock and GET UP when the locals do! We woke up at 2 in the afternoon.. The day was lovely and I ate my famous frog porridge but it is already 2.30 in the morning and if I don’t get some sleep now, it won’t be good news… So, the next time I write, it will be from Siem Ream. Until then, happy new year!

Air Asia: Making flight reservation fun

Have you ever flown with Air Asia? If yes, then you know that the fun begins with making a reservation (and no, I am not getting paid to write this)!

The closest destination this Malaysia-based low-cost airline flies to Europe is Saudi Arabia, so it comes as no surprise that many Europeans are not very familiar with it. Besides the fact that Air Asia is Asia’s largest low-cost airline, it has been named the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline in four consecutive years (2009-2012).

When I started planning our Southeast Asia trip (Cambodia, Laos and Thailand), I only knew we will depart Paris with our usual airline, Emirates (I love their A380, my favorite airplane, and we like flying via Dubai). It was the arrival point in Southeast Asia that we were not sure about. Bangkok seemed like an obvious entry point, but I soon realized that flights from Bangkok are rather expensive (maybe because of the arrival timing: Chinese new year). So, I unfolded a map in front of me and started wondering what other options we may have? Flying via China seemed like soooo far away. Vietnam will be a trip of its own, we decided. Singapore? I suddenly had this flashback of reading about an airline called Air Asia, so I googled it. Wow. Kuala Lumpur Siem Reap (one-way) around 80€ per person (the prices can go as low as 33.51€ or 44.61USD in February). All hesitations were gone.

Yesterday I bought two one-way tickets (KUL -> REP) and after providing the usual contact information, the fun begun: choosing our in-flight meals! Bukhara chicken briyani combo, fried rice with satay combo, tandoori chicken tortilla wrap combo, black pepper chicken combo, spaghetti bolognaise combo for those craving Italian cuisine, and many more. We had 19 options to choose from, and honestly, how wrong can you go when prices are around 2-3€? We will see soon!







Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur

Most of us living according to the Western calendar made (or at least thought of making!) new year wishes just three weeks and one day ago. I have always liked the timing of the Chinese New Year –just some weeks after the Western new year– because it takes us back to those promises, wishes, hopes and dreams that occupied our mind not so long ago. It was in Auckland, New Zealand, when I was first introduced to the Chinese new year and the delicious dishes associated with it. Since then, I have celebrated this festival in London, New York, Havana and Paris.

This year the Chinese new year falls on February 10 and the Year of the Snake will begin. My husband and I arrive in Kuala Lumpur the night before and even if many Chinese plan to  return home and spend time with the loved ones, I am sure Kuala Lumpur will present its most frightening dragons to us!